So, picture this.

You are feeling like crap. You made plans to have a happy hour with unlimited tacos and cheap margaritas. But you cancelled because you really can’t see yourself having any fun in your current condition.

And your friends don’t care.

They drag you to happy hour.

Where the introduction of alcohol into your blood stream makes you feel like superwoman. And you drink. And eat tacos.

And suddenly can’t feel your leg.

Holy Water Retention!

Imagine walking around with a rubber band tied tightly around your ankle.

That’s what it felt like.

I don’t know what caused it directly but I called The Suit and told him I needed an SOS.

He picked me up and told me he was hungry. I had literally just stuffed myself with tacos and margaritas so I planned to just watch him eat.

A little known fact about The Suit: He LOVES to eat.

(I mean, I do too… but he takes it to a brand new level)

When The Suit recommends a place to eat, you can bank on two things.

1- Quantity. There are no slim pickings here. When he and his friends eat- they need thanksgiving pants.

2- Affordable. I have seen countless places to eat that have huge servings. But the servings come with a price. The suit eats well for a great price.

Case in point: Friday night.

The Suit picked me up and said to look up Chivito in my yelp app. He has been there several times… but just for shits and giggles had me look it up to see that it received good ratings.

Chivito D’Oro, located in Jackson Heights it’s a plain little restaurant with Spanish offerings. But what sets this place apart from any other is the Meat Feast they offer for a price that made me do a double take.

There were 4 of us dining. The Suit ordered the meat platter for TWO. I didn’t check. I trusted his judgement.

A basket of warm crusty bread was placed in front of us. I sipped my beer. And note this is the first time in the history of my life that I smelled fresh bread and didn’t partake! (Mo:1, Bread: 0) As everyone enjoyed warm pieces of bread, the waitress came over and plopped the biggest plate of meat I have ever seen.

We stared at it in awe. “Excuse me, miss?”


“Is this the platter for TWO?”

“For two. Yes. Two people.”




On this platter lay 4 steaks- perfectly cooked, a pork chop (with the chicharone intact- yum), a blood sausage, a pork sausage, and several pieces of juicy lamb.

I was full. But I decided to take a ¼ of the steak. Properly seasoned. Incredibly juicy and despite the feeling of complete and utter fullness, I ate this baby and loved it.

There were definitely leftovers.

We wrapped them up and on Saturday morning enjoyed steak and eggs, with sausage and lamb for brunch with my roommate and the Suit.

The meat platter to feed the masses was a mere $35 after taxes. Imagine an entourage of 4 going out for a hearty dish and shelling out a mere $12 each (with tip) for a feast of epic proportions???

Would I come back?

You Bet… but i’d have to be REALLY hungry.