Sometimes things surprise me.


Like every time the boy does the dishes after I cook, that surprises me.

Or when my little brother sends me text messages saying he misses me…

That’s really surprising.

But what totally caught me by surprise was how good a certain gluten free cookie tasted.

The surprise itself came when I opened up a box on my door step to reveal this array of gluten free cookies. But not only were they Gluten Free, they were dairy and nut free. (what can possibly be left in this cookie??)

I remembered that in the later part of the week, one of my coworkers was leaving the office for Law School. She also happens to be on a glutton free diet. I took the opportunity to bid her farewell with a smorgasbord of tasty Gluten Free Cookies.


Enjoy Life Foods was very generous and shared 4 boxes of cookies with me:

Chocolate Chip

Vanilla Honey Graham

Sugar Crisp

Double Chocolate

When I arrived at the farewell party, I placed the cookies alongside the gluten free cupcakes everyone chipped in for and we had ourselves a gluten free party!

Several individuals were curious about gluten allergies and I heard myself answering questions with words like “elastisticity” and “Wheat Protein”…how the hell did I get so smart?

We all proceeded to pass around the Gluten free snacks and the thing most people couldn’t wrap their brain around was how they tasted like “real cookies”… Don’t get me wrong- they ARE real cookies, just made with different things. And then the questions of what CAN you eat if you are on a Gluten free diet.

Surprisingly, no one said cardboard.


The cookies are great if you have a love for thin and crisp cookies. The flavors were spot on and my favorite of the bunch was the chocolate chip. Those went pretty fast. Next was the graham cracker.

Overall, I think these cookies were a big hit and my Gluten Free Girl was happy to take home the lot of cookies leftover!

If you have a dietary restriction like nuts, dairy, or gluten, these cookies will surely be a treat!