In my massive backlog of posts that have yet to be updated, I came across an array of photos from a dining experience with the Dude all the way from when Restaurant Week Summer started… back when my wisdom tooth extraction was still fresh.

I’d like to say that this is the first time I am writing this post but truth be told, this is the 2nd time as Blogger so nicely erased the entire thing.

Rather than skip this post, I am re-writing it.

I apologize in advance for its blandness…

If anyone is reading- I am kindly accepting volunteers in helping move this blog to WordPress. Blogger is getting fired. DSC01868 Some weeks ago, back when my teeth were pulled, the dude and I made plans to take advantage of Restaurant Week with a visit to Park Avenue Summer.

Park Avenue Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring changes its name every season. I don’t know the purpose, but I think Park Avenue Seasons might be more fitting.

The décor was bright and modern with sleek furniture throughout. Tables were set with centerpieces of long blades of green grass with tea lights. Like most NYC restaurants, tables are crammed together and require staff to pull tables out in order to allow a guest a comfortable seating. If you’ve got junk in the trunk, prepare to knock someone’s water over with your booty.


When we were situated, we received, compliments of the chef an amuse bouche of sweet ripe watermelon with a dollop of sharp goat cheese. It was a great start to the evening.

For our appetizers, the Dude and I selected two that we were both interested in and split them.

We like to optimize our tasting!


I started with the gnocchi with parmesan sauce and sweet corn. The gnocchi was cooked perfectly and coated with the delicious rich sauce that played nicely with the sweet bits of corn that were delightfully crisp tender. The dish is rich but the portion size is perfect to get the satisfaction from it without being overwhelmed by it. DSC01873

The Dude opted for the refreshing Salmon tartare that was plated with very crisp slices of toast. The salmon was dressed with citrus elements as a well as the lovely added texture of micro greens. DSC01874Aside from the toast which was unbearable with my fresh wounds, the salmon was delicious… despite the salmon.


For Dinner, the Dude opted for the Dr. Pepper Ribs with the fresh Peach cole slaw. The ribs were perfectly cooked and the sauce wasn’t overly sweet. I actually think I might attempt a Dr. Pepper bbq sauce one of these days… The accompaniment of the peach cole slaw was refreshing and really balanced the meal out. It might have been my favorite part of the dish.

DSC01876I ordered the carbonara with summer squash and chantrelles. This was a very rich dish and I was glad I was splitting it with the Dude. The rich appetizer along with the rich entrée had me hitting the wall faster than I wanted to. Which is probably why I loved the peach cole slaw so much. DSC01880

For dessert, the Dude ordered the peach panna cotta with basil foam and lemon cookies. The panna cotta was fantabulous. The Dude and I were really hating that we had to share something we loved so much… aside from the basil foam- this was incredible. And those lemon cookies… no words.


The chocolate banana parfait, the dish I ordered, was underwhelming. Given the chance to do it over, I would order the panna cotta instead. The parfait just didn’t taste great to me…

I will definitely come back to Park Avenue Summer. It helps that I recently found out a friend of mine is a part time chef there… so I might be there sooner rather than later.