I totally set a post up for yesterday.

And it never went live.

Blogger, You are KILLING me!

So while I clean up the post i rushed through yesterday (sleep deprivation is evil) I will give you this little snack.

My neighborhood has few reliable places to eat. As of right now the best things going on in the take out department is really expensive and mediocre Japanese, Great pizza that wont deliver, and chinese food that I am bored with. The other day I had a visitor who wanted to take a walk and grab a bite. It was 830.

This neighborhood goes to bed at 9pm.

So we hurried to one of the spots still open. It happened to be a place I had never been to before and heard mixed reviews… so naturally i took advantage and brought my camera.

FlipSide is located on Lefferts Boulevard in Kew Gardens, right outside the Kew Gardens station of the LIRR. DSC01980  It was empty when we got there… but its always empty when i walk by. I figured it was due to the fact that most of their business is take out only.DSC01982

I ordered the Cheddar Bacon burger. Flipside stuffs their burgers. I am a big fan of juicy lucys… so i was looking forward to it. I ordered the burger Medium rare.

mmm. bloody.

DSC01983 On the side, i ordered some fries… because the burgers dont come with fries. They were the biggest order of fries i have ever seen. The fries were salty and crisp. Really tasty. DSC01984

Here is a sexy shot of my burger. When ordered fresh, the burger is quite good. When its cooked correctly, its really good. I was noshing on my burger thinking this was the greatest thing to happen to my neighborhood…DSC01985

And free homemade chips!

So i went home to tell my roommate how much i enjoyed my burger and brought home a menu for a burger night!

Well.. if you are in the area, stop in for a burger but dont EVER order take out. Its like the food comes from a different kitchen. A kitchen that:

– overcooks burgers

– delivers soggy fries

– mixes up orders

– takes forever.

– and is expensive. ($30 later and shitty burgers -  i learned my lesson)