After blogger decided to mess with me, my Droid was feeling leftout of the drama department and decided to crap out on me.

When it rains, it pours.

I had to reset the phone to factory settings today. I had high hopes that my apps would restore… but they didn’t. And i just confirmed with the ATT guy that if they havent appeared yet, they probably never will.

RIP level 129 on Shoot Bubble.

I also found out that I was unknowingly paying too much on my cell phone bill for the past 5 months…

but the good news is – my next phone bill wont have to be paid until October.


With the type of morning I had, i took one look at my lonely lean pocket (hiding my shame) and decided to go out for lunch. I was on Yelp (like always) and did something i have never done before.

I searched for restaurants in the area with Yelp deals. I had no idea i could do this before! And I am so glad I did!

I was in the mood for Korean food. And the first thing I saw was a $5 deal worth $10 in food for a place only 3 blocks from my office. I paid the $5, hit print, and walked out the door.

I had nothing but my wallet and cell phone and was looking forward to a serene and delicious (hopefully) lunch.

When i got to Kori at 12:15 (a little early for lunch in my opinion), the place was pristine. AND Empty- my favorite! I asked for a seat at the bar which was naturally lit by the sun.

I was immediately given a menu and a glass of water. The lunch specials are great! (dinner looks a little insane) I wasted no time in presenting my yelp deal which was taken with a smile.

Lately, i find that when i use these discounts, i am treated a little differently.

Fortunately, this was not the case when i dined at Kori.

I was immediately given a complimentary chilled cucumber soup that was refreshing and very tasty. I didnt over induldge as I wanted to enjoy my entree.

And then I was given edamame as well… I was expecting banchan but this was perfection! no complaints here when its free.

I ordered the dolsot tofu bibimbap. A piping hot stone bowl filled with rice, tofu, mushrooms, carrots, spinach and an egg. When the sizzling platter arrived, the waitor asked if he could mix my rice for me. Why not, so he mixed it.

What i love about this sizzling dish is how the rice at the bottom of the bowl get crisp from the hot stone. I added a little red pepper paste and really really enjoyed the dish. It was the perfect size!

Towards the end of my meal, i was stuffed. The waitress offered me a complimentary scoop of green tea ice cream which i politely declined.

She presented me the check and I couldnt believe my eyes:

My lunch total was $1.07. Probably the cheapest lunch I have ever had.

I enjoyed it so much that i sent two coworkers there immediately after and they loved it.

If you are in the tribeca area and need a great lunch for a great price- please stop by Kori. The staff are fantastic. The restaurant itself is beautiful and if you can nab a yelp deal- do it!