Hello Beautiful People!

I am popping in once again, not with the news you were expecting because sadly i have not made much progress in moving my blog over to wordpress. Its more complicated than I thought (anyone that wants to offer help would be enormously appreciated)… but while I make moves in the right direction I thought I would take this moment to say hello and to get on my soap box. Once I am off of it I hope to come back with blog update news (I have lots of posts waiting in the wings).

For those that did not know, Hurricane Irene came and visited the east coast over the weekend. It was the first time in nearly 100 years that New York was facing an actual hurricane. The build up to this was unnerving. I was scared. I was anxious. I was excited (in the sickest of ways). And when it was all said and done was relieved. Genuinely, Truly, Totally relieved that I did not lose power, or was flooded or lost any family members. Irene came and went and I made it out with several leaks in my ceiling but nothing traumatic.

Having to deal with a leaky ceiling sucked! I wont lie about that but when I logged onto Facebook the next morning, I was DISGUSTED by all the posts about the “hurricane being a JOKE”. Or how NY Overexagerated the event.

I know one thing is for sure. People that weren’t thanking the heavens that they made it out of Irene unscathed are kind of ungrateful.

The precautions taken to ensure the well being of people in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut were effective. Yes, it sucked when you couldnt take the train or bus anywhere or when they made you evacuate out of your flood one but Imagine the death toll (now at 30) if there were no evacuations or subway disruptions… can you imagine how many people would go out if they totally underestimated the strength of Hurricane Irene? Imagine the death toll then.

What I do know is that i am now prepared for any future natural disasters with my gallons of water, flashlights and batteries. I am glad Mayor Bloomberg (as much as I dont agree with that man) handled this the way he did! So, you got evacuated. When you were cleared to go home, Im sure you had a home to go to that was undamaged by the storm. Not like my friend J who just moved to the Rockaways and was forced to evacuate and not know what to come home to. Or my neighbor who had a tree fall onto his home and rip the power his power lines in half.

Yeah, Hurricane Irene sure does sound like a joke. (please note my sarcasm).

To all of you who lost homes, lost power, etc, I am sincerely sorry. I hope that in this time you are able to get back on your feet in no time. To those that laughed at hurricane Irene, I’m sorry the hurricane didnt meet your standards. Maybe next time we have a natural disaster, you will experience first hand the kind of damage it can cause instead of being grateful nothing catastrophic happened!

This is my soap box and I stepping off of it.

I usually don’t use this space to vent such feelings but I am truly disappointed in some people right now. Perhaps a little of my point of view might make them think twice about what a joke the hurricane was.

Back to our Scheduled Program.

and back with updates soon!


(i miss you all like whoa)