My roommate was blessed with two tickets to the US Open and because I am super awesome, she invited me to come along with her. I went right after work yesterday in slacks and 5 inch heels. Not exactly out of place as the vast majority of the people there were in casual work attire. But the walk from the train station to the US Open on the poorly executed boardwalk was a nightmare. Uneven boards, random nails hanging out, even a broken heel stuck in the poorly constructed walkway. It made for an interesting beginning.

Preemptively, I looked up random eats for the US Open and my original idea was to hit Flushing for some food, but later realized the US Open, for some is about the Food and THEN the tennis.

Im in heaven.

When we finally walked off the boardwalk of hell, we made our way to the food. We are motivated by our stomachs. We did a lap around the food court and decided to pick two things and share them. When a man shoved me to get to the condiment bar, i nearly lost it until i saw the massive burger laying on his plate. Diana and I looked at each other with our jaws on the ground and in unison said BURGER! We waited on the quick moving line and a man named Mario took my order. 2 Heinekins, 1 cheeseburger, 1 hot dog and a large waffle fry. He looked up at me and, Diana confirms, he lost his mind. He had a weird dazed grin on his face and began to stammer and choke on his words. He made the most obvious small talk in the world and I paid for my food and left.

Then i felt bad. But ::shrug:: oh well.

The burger. OH My Cheeses! It was enormous. And JUICY! with no direction on how i wanted my burger cooked, the massive meat baby was perfect. The waffle fries were great- but the container could have been filled up a bit more.

After our dinner, part 1, we headed over to the much anticipated Grey Goose Bar. I had heard about the Honey Deuce, the official Grey Goose US Open beverage. A shot of Grey Goose, 8 oz lemonade, a splash of chambord and honey dew melon garnish. The garnish looked like tennis balls! so cute. And the drink, $13 + a souvenir glass was delicious. So refreshing! Its definitely going on my list of “loves” and “alcohol” (what? you don’t have one of those lists?)

We then made our way to the huge stadium where we had great seats in the upper deck. Thank goodness for escalators. And what gorgeous views!

We stayed for the length of one match when it started to get really chilly. I, the genuis, was not only wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes, but was ALSO wearing a tank top. And was officially freezing my ass off! At this point, there was only one thing that could keep me warm: dinner part two.

Diana and I headed back to te grey goose bar for one more of those delicious honey deuces! Then opted for a beef crepe and order of ultimate nachos. 

I have to say the food at the US Open was better than I expected! And although I didnt stay for a terribly long time it was a great experience. If you happen to go to a US Open event this year please not the following:

– collect cans to make some extra money. Collectively, Diana and I spent about $100+ on Food and Drinks… or you know dont eat or drink anything (but where is the point in that???)

– wear comfortable shoes! ( you gotta walk like EVERYWHERE!)

– Bring a sweater! (summer is kinda over, ya know?)

– If you see a man at the Burger kiosk named Mario, order a Heinekin and watch him freak out- cleavage helps!

– Honey Deuce. Drinks lots of them.

AND If you havent noticed, I am officially a wordpress baby now! yay! bye bye malware! We are gonna need a giveaway!