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Once again I am going to put out there how much i love Yelp. Whether its Elite events, Awesome deals, or event networking, the site is really awesome. I have been taking advantage of Yelp Talk and Yelp Events and with the help of another yelper put together an idea that would make the best send off for Summer: an Ice Cream Crawl.

I created a lineup of just a few of the city’s greatest creameries and extended the invite to all of the New York Yelpers. The response was overwhelming! The line up included: People’s Pops, L’arte Del Gelato, Sundaes n’ Cones, Chikalicious dessert club, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, and Lula’s Sweet Apothecary. During the scheduled day of the event, some showers and thunderstorms were predicted for the day and more than half of the attendees dropped out. But i was semi-relieved. 50 people walking through the city to stuff themselves with ice cream seemed like a recipe for disaster- and 15 loyal members came through with spoons and lactaid.

My Loyal Eaters all lived within a close distance to our First stop, People’s Pops in Chelsea market. I was scheduled to be there at 2:30pm and thanks to the lovely ways of the MTA, i was 30 minutes late to my own event.

I was excited to see so many people there before me! I was also sweating my ass of and found immediate relief in the refreshing and all natural pops at People’s Pops! I had the roasted plum while my roommate, D, had the cantaloupe and mint. Other were raving about the watermelon shaved ice which was very refreshing! Once we finished our pops and cooled off, we set off to hit our second stop on the crawl.

L’Arte Del Gelato, which was also in the chelsea market was a busy kiosk in the very back of the market. It was pretty early in the game so we were all going hard. I have heard fantastic things about this place so i jumped in- ready for the dairy coma. One of the attendees hooked me up with a lactaid! Bless her dairy sensitive heart.

I got the banana gelato which was amazing. Creamy. Rich. And a great flavor! We all tasted each other’s offerings. Some highlights: Mocha and chocolate chip!

We finished up the gelato and headed to the next stop: Sundaes n’ Cones. There was some debate as to whether to take the train or walk… and judging by the fact that there was a lot of consumption going on that day, i voted to walk.

After a few grunts, they all agreed and we walked in the humid weather to the next stop.

Sundaes n’ Cones.

Across town almost hidden is the roomy and old school Sundaes n’ Cones. After the 20 minute walk, everyone was pretty hungry and went for the gold at this place.

People were sharing and tasting. It was all out fun!

I got the lemon sorbet. But the rock star and surprise favorite was the grapefruit sherbet! who knew!

My friend Leslie was going hard and got a sundae. It looked amazing! Out of all the places- this one was my favorite. The skies were turning an awful shade of gray and we all decided to walk to the next stop: Chikalicious.

As soon as we got there the skies opened up and began to POUR. So we made the best of it in this cozy little dessert shack. I ordered their famous eclair cone.

It was a bit messy. I didnt LOVE it but the vanilla soft serve is amazing. You can actually SEE the vanilla beans!

Everyone else fell in love with the shaved ice. Fluffly snow-like shaved ice covered with a sweet blue raspberry syrup and a creamy center of vanilla ice cream. Amazing.

Lucky for us, the rain stopped and we moved on.

There was an impromptu stop after van Leeuwan (they ran out of a lot of flavors by the time we got there). We needed a palatte cleanser so a few of us threw some money together and split some buttery lobster rolls from Lukes Lobster. Best $20 ever spent!

The final leg of the crawl was at the Vegan joint: Lula’s Apothecary.

There was a MASSIVE line out the door. Inside this kitchsy little joint was an awesome decor of old fashioned medicine shop!

There isnt much room to sit here, let alone stand but there is a great lineup of vegan soft serve and other flavors to indulge in. We opted to try the creamsicle and peanut butter chip. The creamsicle was NOT my favorite. It was off tasting. But the peanut butter chip was amazing!

At this point, we were all INCREDIBLY full! Thankfully the dairy overdose didnt have any negative effects. The group had very positive feedback for the crawl and even had some thoughts on possible crawls for the fall.

So, im thinking i might have another ice cream crawl next year to kick off summer! Overall- great time!
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