Over the weekend, a very good friend of mine celebrated her last right as a single lady with a bachelorette party. Jen, whom I have known since the 9th grade, was surprised with a night of debauchery fun.

Patty, the party planner had been planning this thing for MONTHS and asked me if I would cook for the occasion.

Do you ever know me to say no to food?DSC02385

I made a platter of italian sausage (the theme was a coincidence) with tri color peppers.


A tray of meatballs covered in marinara


… a 5 lb tray of lasagna that I forgot to photograph.

I spent the majority of the day in the cooking. Sweating. Cooking. and sweating some more. I made cupcakes too but for some strange reason, the cake came out like hockey pucks and the frosting turned into a puddle of sugary soup.

I figured, since the food was more important- I should just stop fussin over the cupcakes. I mean, we cant win them all, can we? (besides, the party goers were going to be plastered out of their mind by the time they taste those god awful cupcakes! ah, silver lining, how I love you.)


After I cooked, I got ready and headed over to Patty’s house where everyone was gathering for dinner. I noshed on some appetizers.


and parked myself in a convenient location to cool off. With all the hoopla and excitement for the night ahead I neglected to eat any of the food I cooked. So, you know that its going to be an interesting post.


We packed up our giant.. um…well, you know what that is. And if you don’t, you might not be old enough to read this blog…

we packed up our “things” and hit the streets to hop on our pink party bus.

Decked out in hot pink, streamers and neon lights (oh, and a stripper pole), we blasted great music, poured the booze freely and partied like it was our last night on earth.


While still moderately sober, I took pics- plus I hadnt sweat off all my make up yet.


But the sobriety didn’t last very long…


After a very revealing ice breaker game of “Never have I Ever”… it started to get a little crazy.


Before you know it we were all taking turns dancing on that stupid pole. :: shakes head ::


I blame all of the above for what happened next:

Unfortunately, I can’t show anymore. Something about lawyers and blackmail…. but trust me when I tell you it was pretty CRAZY.

I woke up the following morning bright and early with a raging hangover and headed to brooklyn for the Bridal Shower.


Nothing prepared me for how gorgeous this cake was. The flowers were gorgeous!


The decorations were beautiful!


The goodies were endless!


And the party goers from the night before ended up at the same table.  We were giggles and fits throughout the shower. We even went through all of our photos hangover style to freshen up our cloudy memories.


The bride to be was glowing. Im sure deep down she wanted to barf like the rest of us. and the food was plentiful.


After hearing we were hungover, our waiter brought us TONS of bacon.


And I managed to pull it together for some photos.


Congrats Jen!

Mo and Jen. Friendship Circa 1997.