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Last night, I had every intention of going home, having a quick dinner and catching up on some much needed sleep.
But I should know by now when I make plans like this, they are hard to keep. My coworker had asked a week ago if I would be interested in being her plus 1 at a Yelp Elite Event in Brooklyn. With the addition of so many NEW Elitists, it’s been increasingly more difficult to get on “The List” and I have subsequently become a regular on the “waitlist”. So, when she extended the offer, I was more than happy to accept… only, I forgot. It wasn’t until 4 pm yesterday that she reminded me… and then I ran out to get a double espresso and vowed to get some sleep as soon as I got home from the event.
Fast forward to 7 pm.

We walked up to two 8 two in downtown Brooklyn and signed in.

This was my first time at an event where we got table service. I grabbed a table and invited several other yelpers to join us.

On the menu was a line up of some seasonal brews along with some bourbon cocktails…

I acquainted myself with the bourbon lemonade. It was tasty.
I looked at the dinner menu and made mental notes of the ones I wanted to try when suddenly, one by one, the dishes on the menu came out and appeared on my table.


And Fried things!

Our first dish was a platter of fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings. The onion rings were by far, my favorite. We noshed on that platter until all that remained were crumbs.

And then came the burgers.

The first burger we tried was the Billy Burger. A juicy beef burger with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and possibly crack.

The bun was nice and soft and you def needed a napkin to eat this juicy bad boy.

The 2nd burger we tried was the breakfast burger. Two slices of soft hamburger bun holding together a sunny side egg, bacon, cheddar and a thick juicy patty. Another napkin burger. But man, this was some treat. I can see myself waking up with a raging hangover one day and craving this burger!

The 3rd burger was the two 8 two burger. Green chilles, Cheddar, and love – lots and lots of love.
The final burger was the turkey burger. Possibly the juiciest turkey burger I have ever eaten at a restaurant. It was seasoned liberally with poultry seasoning and grilled with a thick slice of cheddar on top. It wasn’t my favorite of the night but it was definitely delicious.

Throughout the night, we all kept asking the server to bring us more drinks. And when the bar closed we had people comin over to our table asking where we got all the drinks.

 We’re just awesome that way… and we ended up inviting stragglers over to our table, handing them a drink and making new friends. The event was over at 9 but when I looked at my clock, it was 10:15 and the staff and two 8 two was still taking care of us. It was fantastic service.
I left at 1030, drunk as all hell, stuffed with burgers and exhausted to the infinite power. I had an amazing time, thanks to my co-workers generosity. I am guzzling a coffee the size of my body and craving my bed like a teenager craves chocolate.
I will definitely be back at two 8 two for a juicy burger and great customer service!