Now that summer is finally cooling off, I can breathe a little more easily in my kitchen which means I am cooking again! yay! I knew I had to get my ass in the kitchen when I got called out on Twitter by a reader who noticed all my restaurant check-ins… But they were nice about it.

“Do you ever cook at home?

yes, yes I do cook! and Thank you for calling me out! lol. There are absolutely no windows in my kitchen and while I’m not making excuses, it is impossible to do anything in the kitchen during the summer months without breaking into a drenching sweat. So, I took a cooking sabbatical. But now that there is a friendly breeze, I am ready to wean myself back into my menu planning.

While grocery shopping, I had a hankering for a burger- a homemade burger. But I didn’t want to eat beef. So, I picked up some ground chicken and walked the grocery store aisles, picking up other random things and thinking of inspiration.

And then? I saw it. The Canadian Bacon. And it hit me. Cordon Bleu. Chicken. Burgers. I made this once when I used to live with my mom and every now and then she asks me if I can make them for her again. I say yes but always get side tracked. There was no time like the present to revive this dish.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Burgers (serves 4)


1 lb lean ground chicken

2 T poultry seasoning



4 slices of canadian bacon (diced)

4 slices of swiss cheese (diced)

4 boston lettuce leaves

4 hamburger buns (I used flatbread)


I started by seasoning the ground chicken with the poultry seasoning, salt and pepper. I mixed it well and set it aside. I diced the canadian bacon and the swiss cheese.


I then portioned the ground turkey into 4 burgers. I took a handful of bacon and a handful of cheese and stuffed them into the burger.


In a non stick skillet, I cooked these burgers over medium heat for 4 minutes on each side.


I let the burgers rest for a moment before cutting into them and placed a burger on a bun with one boston lettuce leaf. DSC02170

The innards of this tasty burger. It is well seasoned so it didn’t need anything more but if I had to put a condiment, I would use a little spicy mustard.


Look at that action shot! that’s an actual bite! It was great. My only regret is not having decent hamburger buns. That would be my only change next time- but it was still one tasty burger.