My phone has a pretty crappy battery life. It’s a smartphone. In the world of Mo, the world revolves around the smartphone. I rely on it for everything. I am even using it right now to complete this post. From directions to a location, to finding movie times, I am constantly on this Damn thing. Talk about an addiction.
The other day, I was at an office function and while sipping fruity sangrias I accidentally used up ll of my battery. With a Tiny sliver of life left to it, I got a text from patty asking me if I wanted to go with her and her hubs to spumoni gardens. The answer was “no duh”. She told me to meet her there which meant I had to take the train. I realized that not only was I going to lose power in my phone in a matter of minutes but that I was also going to have nothing to entertain me on the train.
No angry birds.
No music.
No shoot bubble game.
With my last remaining battery, I googled the address and wrote it down in a piece of paper. Then I wrote down directions. And finally I changed a dollar bill for quarters and wrote down patty’s number.
I was kicking this meet up old school.
I managed to get to spumoni gardens at the same exact time as patty and without my phone. There were minor bumps and major moments of doubt but I remembered that just a few decades go, this is exactly how ppl met up and the world didn’t end.

Spumoni gardens is iconic to any brooklynite. They make spumoni, duh, but have made several appearances on food network and are well know for their Sicilian slices.  Aka the square slices.

What sets these guys apart is their method for making the bad ass square slices. First a layer of light, airy, and crispy dough followed by slices of provolone cheese. Once the dough is covered with cheese, they pour a house made and rustic tomato sauce on top and sprinkle it liberally with parmesan cheese.its baked till its perfect and served to people who eat these slices in multitudes.

When I met up with patty, she was already waiting on the outdoor line. There were several. One for individual slices, one for pies, and one for spumoni. There we also a line for table service. But it was nice enough to have dinner outside picnic table style.
Naturally we ordered a half tray of the square slices…with sausage for good measure.
We waited a matter of minutes. And out came perfection!

I sunk my teeth into a soft cheesy top that ended with the most delicate yet crispy crunch from the crust. The top was doughy. And delicious. Normally, I can close two slices by myself but it was so good that I unknowingly  ate my way to 4 slices. When I realized it, I had the epic stomach ache… But Im pretty sure it was worth it. Patty and hubs really enjoyed it as well.DSC02350
It’s lucky for me that this place is so far from me.


No one needs temptation of this magnitude within a short distance from their home.
Would I go back? heck yes!
Who’s driving?