Ever since I came back from California I have been DREAMING of Filipino food. My friend Carol really left an impression with the family owned Sinugba. And when I heard about a filipino restaurant in my neighborhood, I had to check it out.

Mama Meena’s is a family run operation that serves home cooked Filipino comfort food in Woodhaven, Queens. A melting pot of a neighborhood, Mama Meena’s stands out for its simple and traditional dishes. I know quite a few people who LOVE this place and it piqued my curiosity enough to venture out for dinner.

I told my roommate about this place and she seized the opportunity for her first Filipino dinner.


The Yelp Reviews on this place say it all. While some reviews get on the place for its “grandma” décor, I really dig it! When you walk in there are fixtures on the wall with bright lights and a flat screen tv playing a Filipino soap opera… I feel like Im at a Filipino Grandmothers house! In a good way!

The family runs the business so a sweet teenage boy seated my roommate and I and served us our beverages. I recognized a few things from my first Filipino experience as well as some standouts from the Yelp reviews. Diana entrusted the ordering to me and I went at it.


The first dish I ordered was the Sizzling Sisig. Chunks of pork bits, even pig ear, brought over on a sizzling platter with lots of pork bits, fresh onions, and an egg. Stirring in the egg gave the sisig a creamy texture along with bits of chewy pig ear. Add a splash of lemon juice to cut the fat and dig in! Diana and I really enjoyed this! Its an appetizer here and its kind of heavy- so you have been warned. Diana also enjoyed this with the spicy peppers. She said it also cut the grease and made a more balanced bite.


We also had Filipino spring rolls. AKA Lumpia. These were so tasty! Filled with ground pork and love, probably. It came with a sweet and sour dipping sauce of sorts. Had no idea one order would come with this many but Diana and I love our leftovers!


The next dish was another goodie. Lechon Kawali. Deep. Fried. Pork. Belly. Oh good lord. You have not had a decent pork cracklin’ until you have had one of these! Thick slabs of juicy pork with a thick fat that is soft yet crispy. Take a bite and have a natural sheen to your lips from all the fat love. Save your lipgloss and just eat fried pork belly!


Our dish came with some rice. Boring. On to the Next!


Stir fried soft noodles with chicken, tofu, and tons of veggies. I have to admit this was not a favorite of mine. The veggies were previously frozen so a lot of the texture was missing.

We had SO.MANY.LEFTOVERS! and with all that food we ordered, I ordered an additional grilled beef dish to go and our total came to $48. ALL that food for a great price! Of course, next time we wont order so much and we will really maximize our savings!

When it came down to it, the dishes here were much different than the ones I had in California but both were tasty! I really miss Sinugba but I think it has to do with the fact that its not as attainable. Don’t we all want what we cant have?

For now, I will be feasting at mama Meena’s regularly!

<a href=”http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/3/1519497/restaurant/Ozone-Park/Mama-Meenas-New-York”><img alt=”Mama Meena’s on Urbanspoon” src=”http://www.urbanspoon.com/b/link/1519497/biglink.gif” style=”border:none;width:200px;height:146px” /></a>