Hey Hey Party People!

What. A. Day! Seriously!

You know when sometimes its just not your day? This morning was totally the morning from Hell. It started when i woke up late for work. Dont you hate when that happens? I actually managed to catch a train and get to the city at a decent time so i could get my coffee (cue hallelujah chorus) and bagel. The staffers at the bux were extra cheery this morning and even greeted me with a “Good Morning Mo!”, it made me smile to know we were on a nickname basis… which reminds me- i need to learn their names. I was walking on my way to work in my zone when suddenly this massive guy charges me, shoves the hell out of me. I almost tumbled backward in my 5 inch heels and my $6 cup of coffee went flying. I was stunned. The guy not only kept walking but left me with a few choice obscentities.

It might have been the first time in a long time that I wanted to cry.

I mean, sure, its just a cup of coffee and I am SO lucky the psycho didnt stab me or something unimaginable but i am sometimes surprised at how mean people can be. I walked my pouty face to my desk with the remains of my breakfast only to find that they gave me the wrong breakfast. I nearly lost it. An officer nearby suggested i go home, get back into bed and start over tomorrow. But, I am not a quitter. And today I have several awesome things going on that I cannot wait to share with you (not today though).

Happy to say that I walked back to starbucks and not only got my breakfast swap rectified, but my little poopsies replaced my fallen coffee.

… Thats how you show TODAY who is boss!

REWIND a few days ago. I found myself in Williamsburg, Brooklyn hungry and slightly broke. My groupon application proved super duper hand when I scrolled through and found this awesome place to eat. Woo HOO!


Forcella is located in what used to be nothing in my old Stomping grounds of Williamsburg Brooklyn ( Oh Brooklyn, how i miss you). Its bright light is like the North Star beckoning patrons from all four corners of the South Side. The inside is noisy and bustling. It seemed to be a great spot to eat. The owner is a 4 time national pizza making champion.

In other words: His pizza is a little more than OK.


Its pretty dark in here and the tables are really close together which I kind of hate. But once you get a whiff inside of the joint, you are pretty much willing to endure anything. I waited for about 20 minutes (and got eaten alive by mosquitos!) and then got seated in a nice little corner of the cozy restaurant.


My dining companion ordered the cheese croquette. I wasnt a fan. But I didnt get to eat the arugula. Winning.


I ordered the eggplant caponatina… or what their version of this was. I thought this was tasty but i was looking for the eggplant caponatina from OTTO with sundried tomatoes, grapes and tomatoes that always whets my appetite. This was not what I was expecting but it was quite nice.


My dining companions heart sank when he ordered sausage and they informed him they didnt carry sausage. He wanted a meaty topping for their coal oven pizza and upon the suggestion of the waiter, ordered the hot salami pizza. Everything here is imported so when you say you want pepperoni- you get hot salami. It looked different but the flavor was all there.

tasty too.


I ordered the deep fried pizza. It wasnt what I was expecting at all. I was thinking the crust was going to be uber crispy but not for it to look like a giant crispy calzone!  The dough was remniscent of a zepole but without the sweet stuff. Instead it was filled with something awesome:


Peep that kiddos! Chunks of Salumi and fresh smoked mozzrella cheese and tomato sauce. All together made for a sensaysh bite. I couldnt finish it all (miracles do happen) and I gave the remainder of it to my bottomless pit of a dinner companion.

I cant wait to come back! On Fridays and Saturdays, they have Burrata! Definitely worth the trek!