It’s a dark and dreary night in New York City.

Instead of heading home to cuddle with the dog, I headed to a Yelp Elite Event at Albert Hall Tavern. The dress code was optional, but rumor has it a murder was going to take place at the event and we should dress to impress.


The weather could not be better for a spooky murder mystery night. It was pouring. I, the smart one, straightened my hair. As the night progressed, my hair was a sweaty frizzy mess.


The venue, was unique. The front of the house was like a regular old bar. But when you get a little further in, you can see real candles (dripping wax on your new black dress) and members of the murder mystery cast already in character.


We got some awesome swag. Ladies and Gentleman, my first Yelp T-Shirt.


During random conversation, one of the players cast me as Jenna Side, a Russian Hit Woman. The rules of the game were given to me and I had a bio to study. The rules for Jenna were secret. No one could know her real identity so I had a blast making things up.


My Russian accent was very rough. My alias was Svetlana. Svetlana was a born and bred new Yorker that tutored spanish for a living.

Clearly, I know how to blend in.


Studying my lines!

1 (2)

The other Yelpers were really taking their roles seriously! My “job” was protecting Doug graves, the guy laughing his ass off.


We went around getting into to piece together the details leading up to the murder.


For your sake, I wont spoil who the murder was… But it DEFINITELY was NOT me!


The staff at Albert Hall Tavern are fantastic!


And I had a hard time staying in character. 


The event went on for a little longer than expected because there were sooo many people at the event.


Four Roses Bourbon was the drink sponsor of the night. The drinks were STRONG! and because I spent so much of my time acting in the murder, I neglected to fill my stomach with all this deliciousness.


Lamb shank sliders, truffle fries fried in duck fat, wings, and calamari. Good eating- whatever Julia lovingly put in my mouth for me. Smile


Overall it was a fantastic night!

Yelp knows how to throw a party! Albert Hall Tavern hosts birthday parties and office events- they even go on location! I can definitely see myself participating in another murder mystery night with friends and fam.

Special thanks to Madison McGaw who took these awesome photos! And to the New York Yelp Posse!