During the Month of September, All-Clad is celebrating their 40th anniversary by touring the city with different celebrity chefs who are doling out recipes along with delicious food between noon and 2pm. I had just happened to be checking my google reader when I realized I hadn’t read Downtown Lunch in a while and wouldn’t you know it, there was a contest for VIP access to the All-Clad Food Truck! Winners would receive a goodie bag, courtesy of All-Clad, AND get to meet chef Marc Murphy.

I am writing this post so guess who won?


Yours truly.


I had to be in front of the Sur La Table in SoHo at 11:45am to get first dibs at the food and meet the Chef.


I happened to be 5 minutes late to the event and missed the group photo. The awesome ladies with All-Clad felt bad and promised to let me onto the truck to personally meet the chef.


As a Food Network junkie, this was amazing. Being this close to Chef Marc Murphy and not wanting to vomit was making the top of my awesome list.


Having a celebrity chef make a killer sandwich and hand it to you personally? um, awesome.

Behold the porchetta sandwich with pickled onions and tomato rosemary jam! Absolutely delish!


I was snapping these photos of him in action when one of the All-Clad ladies grabbed me and brought me onto the bus. It was my moment to meet him.


As far as celebrity chefs go, this is one of THE nicest people I have met from the Food Network (Anne Burrell, a close 2nd). He was so lively and energetic and totally into this event! He humored me for a few moments and then graciously excused himself to get back to work. On my way off the truck, I bumped into another familiar face:


Steven. Known most recently for his victory as Best Rooky at the Vendy Awards and to others as “those guys” on the amazing Food Truck Race. The dude from Korilla! Nice! He was a little unsure of me when I asked for a photo… maybe hes just shy.


I left the event FULL and carrying a heavy gift bag. All-Clad hooked us up with 8 inch fry pans! This is my first All-Clad piece and I am so happy with it!

Big Thank you to All-Clad for sponsoring this event! And for my awesome new fry pan! Eggs, anyone?