A while back, my friend Megan hired me to bake a gazillion cupcakes for her friends Bridal Shower. The theme was 1950’s housewife. I was stoked. We brainstormed and came up with 2 cupcakes. A yellow cake with vanilla buttercream and red velvet with Cream cheese frosting.

This was my first time baking for hire… and baking so many cupcakes. I mapped out my possible expenses and totally went overboard with the supplies- but i have this nagging fear that I will run out of something and be up shit creek not being able to replenish it. Far from the case. If any of you are wondering- one 5 lb bag of flour is enough to make 3 batches of cupcakes- no matter how freaked out you are, its Enough!


Rather than repost, I thought i would just link you to Smitten’s awesome Yellow Cake recipe! It was my first yellow cake from scratch.


The cupcakes were a bit greasy on the bottom! eek!

But to stick with the theme, i found some gorgeous polka dot cupcake liners at Michaels that made me think of “I love Lucy”.


For my buttercream, I whipped up Martha’s flawless vanilla buttercream and added Food Coloring Gel to the batch for the bright hues.  As the frosting was done, and I was ready to pipe, i turned my kitchen upside down looking for my frosting tips. They were no where to be found! I screwed up several attempted “swirls” of frosting with make shift pastry bags and nearly cried! Thats when i took out my mini offset spatula and sculpted neat mounds of frosting on each cupcale- it actually looked cute! With some leftover candy pearls, i added to the theme and put one pearl in the center of each cupcake.

I was so impressed with how the red came out!

The only FAIL was that the red frosting created some red teeth and lips at the shower…. ooops. Noted for next time!


I also made red velvet cupcakes! This is my favorite recipe in the cake department. I can bake pretty well, but i always make a great red velvet! There were no exception! The cake was moist and fluffy and a gorgeous red hue (gotta get that food color gel, people!). The cream cheese frosting came out on the thin side but it was really warm in my apartment that day… I was able to make it look decent.


What really set it off were the red hots that I topped each cupcake with. They came out so cute!

I heard the cupcakes were a hit. I was releived to make it through my first “gig” without making anyone sick (i kid, i kid).

Damn, i could go for a red velvet cupcake right now.

Special Shout Out to the Roomie! Its her Birfday! yay!