Every girl should receive flowers on her birthday. My roommate, Diana, is exceptionally awesome. She’s extremly reliable and has rescued me and my dog on many occassions. I am truly blessed to have a friend like her. Yesterday was her birthday and I took her to a Korean BBQ place in Flushing with some of her friends.

With this being her first birthday away from her friends and family, i wanted to make her feel special. The fall arrangement of flowers could not have been more perfect! As a fall baby myself, I go weak for the oranges and deep burgundys that make fall so gorgeous!


Keeping with our fall theme, Diana requested a carrot cake. And, because I have YET to be disappointed by the great one, I called on the Smitten Kitchen Blog for the perfect recipe. I decided on Deb’s carrot cake with Maple Cream cheese frosting.

I baked up two 9 inch cake pans full of aromatic carrot cake with delicious ginger notes and allowed the cakes to cool while we went to dinner to stuff our faces and stink up our clothing with Korean BBQ.



We got home completely STUFFED and REEKING of kalbi and smoke. After a good scrubbing, I frosted the cake.


At 12:01 AM this morning, Diana and I had a slice of  one of the best carrot cakes i have ever tasted! If you are a fan of carrot cake- this recipe is sure to please. I intend on making it again soon!

Off to conquer the rest of the day while trying NOT to think of the nearly WHOLE cake in the fridge right now…