It’s very rare that I use this space to talk about something other than food but today there is something so awesome and worth sharing that I am taking a break from food talk and dishing about a fantastic show!

My week has been busy to say the least. With Roomie’s Birthday, An Elite Night, An office Function, I haven’t been home before midnight all week! My DVR is bursting at its seams and I managed to cram one more late night into my schedule.

Yelp Night at Queens Theatre. I entered this giveaway on a whim. The performance was for Chix 6. I didn’t know much about it other than it was a musical and that it promised to be amazing.
I will confess, I was not expecting much from a play in Queens. But that should teach me a lesson about my awesome borough. For one, the theater located in Corona Park, is amazing. It’s spacious. It’s newly renovated. And the seating can’t be beat! The seats were more comfortable than the $125 nosebleed seats I bought for Mamma Mia on Broadway!

The concession, I should note is very very CHEAP, Snacks will cost you $1 each. The only thing is, you can’t eat inside the actual theatre- bummer.

When the curtain called, I took my seat (every seat here is a great seat!) and took part in the most amazing thing I have seen in a very long time.  No spoilers, I promise! The story is of a woman who is the author of a comic book of female heroines. She is in a relationship with a douche-wad of a man and is rescued by the 5 characters she created in her comic book. Each character represents a small part of her that translates so well on the stage. Its filled with amazing songs and vocals! Fantastic acting. Acrobatics! And enthusiasm!

The creator of the show also acts as one of the heroines and is an overall GENIUS. Its not just for the ladies, guys… no, There’s even a number called “Mama Needs A New Sex Slave” that requires audience participation!

The show is running at Queens Theatre until October 30. After that its moving to Broadway.

For a mere $49, you can take the trip to Queens and see a show that like no show you have ever seen before! Buy them!

If you take the train there, there is a free shuttle from the train to the theatre! And if you drive, there is free parking right in front of the theatre! Win. Win.

I am not being paid to endorse this in any way. I received complimentary tickets from Yelp.com but truly want to spread the word about this amazing piece of work!

Go! Support your local artists and Queens Theatre! Go before it hits Broadway and its three times the price!