When one hopes to sleep in till noon on a saturday, plans change when someone calls you up at 8am, tells you to get dressed and be ready in 30 minutes for breakfast. You grunt and moan but manage to get yourself ready in time for breakfast in Washington Heights. If you are new to this site, you are probably unaware that i live in Queens. To go anywhere from Queens is a trek. But I managed to have a ride to Washington Heights that early in the morning. In 30 minutes, i found myself parked at a counter smelling the most amazing things ever.


La Casa De Mofongo is a joint open 24/7. It cranks out mofongo (for its namesake) all day and all night. For those that dont know, Mofongo is the a dish comprised of mashed green plantains with roast pork and garlic that have been packed into a mold and presented on your plate with a tasty sauce. Its comfort food at its best. If you have had one too many to drink, a plate of mofongo should do the trick… or a plate while youre hungover. your choice.

The prices are a little steep for dinner but what people come here for so early on a saturday morning, is the breakfast.


A typical, stick to your bones hispanic style breakfast. Mangu,is a typical dominican side dish of boiled green bananas that have been smashed and seasoned with salt and pepper. The mangu is topped with pickled onions that add flavor as its a little bland. Some hot sauce does the trick too. along with my hearty mangu was some fried salami, 2 poached eggs, and a slab of fried dominican cheese.


The massive dish cost a mere $6.


And who could survive being up this early on a Saturday without a piping hot cup of Dominican coffee? A milky cup of strong coffee with the perfect amount of sugar. It was just enough to get this girl going, despite the massive amount of food i just ate taht would ultimately lead to a food coma.


As we sat there, we watched the last plate of mangu be served and all the freshly cooked lunch items roll out. We received some hot buttery bread that surprisingly refused. But what I could not refuse was the opportunity to taste the fresh lunches:


Luckily, my breakfast companions were good eaters. They ordered a plate of yellow rice with fried chicken (arroz amarillo con chicharrones de pollo). The rice was perfectly seasoned and the chicken was crisp yet tender on the inside.


By this time, my gut was about to burst when my other breakfast companion ordered black rice with beef stew (arroz negro con carne guisado). The beef stew was the best I have ever tasted. So tender and flavorful.

Dear Mom,

Im sorry I just said that. I still love your carne guisado.

Your Loving Daughter,


After breakfast (and lunch) my roommate and I waved goodbye to our champion eater and decided to walk aimlessly downtown to get away from that “i need a nap” feeling. Our feet led us to harlem where we decided 35 blocks was enough and hopped on a bus downtown which brought us to Chelsea… then we found ourselves swimming in texas sized margaritas and getting completely tossed on a saturday afternoon.

Good times.

If i ever find myself uptown again or hungry for some good old Dominican comfort food, I would definitely return to La Casa De Mofongo! The breakfast and lunch specials are worth every penny!