So we can all agree that I royally jacked up some cupcakes and turned them into an ice box cake, right? I also mentioned that I had TWO batches of the god awful cupcakes.


I seriously can’t throw things away… not when there is a chance they can be saved.

Since I already made an ice box cake and had an abundance of cake leftover, I decided to make cake balls with the leftovers. For true cake poppery, one must find the source. In my opinion, there is no one better at cake balls than the Patient Diva herself, Bakerella.


I followed her simplest instructions for making cake balls. I then thought it was cute to put lollipop sticks into the soft cake balls.

Please note, that’s not a good idea.


I had some white chocolate on hand from the last time I went berserk at Michael’s and set up my double boiler. At first it was going really well. I did all my research on melting chocolate. I added a pat of butter to keep the chocolate silky…. But it started to go awry.

The chocolate became difficult to work with and hard to stir. Diana observed me in the kitchen and concluded I might have burned the chocolate.



I made a few before I lost patience, threw the chocolate into the sink and had myself a tantrum. All while Diana was laughing at me. She tried to finish the rest of them… but I really messed up that chocolate. I threw all the cake balls in the fridge. Some covered in chocolate. Some naked.


When I calmed down, I took the cake balls out of the fridge. The ones actually covered in chocolate were nice! You would never know from looking at them that the person creating them was cursing like a sailor and crying during the process!


I had some wraps and pretty twine that I used to package these up and make look pretty! When I figure out how to make one complete and successful batch of cake balls or buck eyes…. I will report back.

Until then, point and laugh, stomp and cry or whatever you like. This was an epic fail.

(as for the remaining naked cake balls, they stayed in the fridge and were eaten randomly whenever we had a chocolate craving… so pretty much the span of a weekend.)