During my last trip to the farmers market (I will be honest, it was 2 weeks ago), while searching for some inspiration I stumbled upon some lonely squash blossoms. I know their season is limited and being that only one kiosk had a supply, I purchased a container at $5 a pop.


Confession: I have NEVER had a squash blossom.

I really didn’t know how to prepare these or even if I would like the way they tasted. I sent out some questions on Facebook and to my friend the Dude.

The Dude said the blossoms were awesome chopped up into a soft scrambled egg.


He also noted to use butter.


I roughly chopped 2 squash blossoms…very skeptical about the idea of eating a flower.


Sauteed the blossoms in butter and added a beaten egg.


A little salt and it was ready to eat. While it wasn’t a homerun, I really appreciated the flavor of the squash blossom- so much like a zucchini or summer squash-with the egg.

But I wasn’t done. Several people recommended stuffing and frying the blossoms with breadcrumbs.

Challenge accepted.


I didn’t have goat cheese as so many had recommended… but I DID have Feta cheese which was tart like goat cheese and with a little heat, would melt nicely.

I stuffed a cube of feta cheese inside of the blossom, then dredged the blossoms in a beaten egg and rolled in a homemade breadcrumb (pulverized grissini bread sticks with italian seasoning and parmesan cheese).


I fried the breaded blossoms in olive oil. for 4 minutes on each side or until nice and golden brown.


The last batch browned a little too much- but oh man- so good.


The result? A crisp cheese filled blossom that tasted a lot like zucchini.

Would I do this again?

Hell yes.

Quite the Win!