My roommate and I found ourselves in Astoria for an event and we were Waaaay early for it. Don’t you just hate being the first one to a party?

I do.

So awkward.

We decided to make good use of our time in Astoria by experiencing some GREEK FOOD!


Now, believe it or not, this is my first time having Greek food that is not sold in a cart. True story. And before you flip out- I know a gyro from a cart in lower manhattan is not exactly GREEK food… but that’s how sad I am.



Zenon Taverna is a quaint little spot on 31st Avenue and has nice little homey touches on the inside that make you feel all warm and cozy inside. We arrived on a Tuesday evening about 6pm and it was empty for the exception of 2 other families dining.


We were seated in the far back and given some warm pita bread and other yummies… and we decided to order.


The menu is very elaborate but they manage to keep it simple by having daily specials. The special appetizer was the octopus salad drenched in herbs and olive oil. The texture of this octopus was surprising but we both enjoyed it.


Our salad also came with tomatoes and cucumbers. We didn’t really touch this as we can have this any day of the week. And we needed the precious room in our bellies for the main course.


We both ordered the pastisio. Sort of like a Greek Lasagna. Seasoned ground beef with pasta topped with a bechamel sauce and baked in a baking dish.  The pastisio came with a choice of rice, lemon potatoes or french fries. We thought this was a little unusual but decided that one of us would get the lemon potatoes and the other, the french fries.


What we did not realize was how big the portions were. We totally could have gotten away with splitting everything…


Especially with the carb overload happening in our stomachs!

The food was delicious. The service was great. When we had a question about a menu item- the staff were quick to recommend a suggestion or point us in a different direction.

They only take cash here but if you forget, there are ATMs in the stores nearby. If you want to be really adventurous, opt to share a few dishes so you can taste more!