There was this really big conference last week for Hispanic Business owners.

I am not a business owner. I am hispanic but i didnt go to this conference. The Big Guy in charge asked me to help with the power point slides. I said sure. As a Thank You, i got an invite to the open bar reception after the conference.

Who doesn’t love Free Drinks?


So, i grabbed my friend Jean, whom i should note is ALSO Hispanic, and dragged her to the boozefest.

In true Monique fashion, we got there early. Like, we were party crashing and we got there before everyone else.


I took advantage by photographing things before they looked picked over. I was okay with drinking for free but i didnt want to grub on the free food… im so weird.


The fruit and cheese platter was gorgeous and so picturesque. Those grapes were demanding to be photographed! The venue was held in Chase Manhattan Plaza on the top floor with amazing city views.


Our libations were courtesy of DeWars. I dont know what i was drinking but it was strong. I am a light weight when it comes to boozing. (sad aint it?)


And what a gorgeous sky line!


Photo Op! Oh, and look! im wearing a dress!!!

The party was a real snoozer. Jean and I grabbed two more drinks and decided to go home. It was a school night, you know.

On the way to the train station we spotted a 5 guys…


And I had never had a 5 guys burger ever…. so i decided to put it to the test.

I must say, the portions are huge. I ordered the large fries that were bigger than my soda! whoa.


and i ordered the BIG burger which i will never do again. I couldnt finish my meal! it was massive.

But the real question is, do i prefer 5 guys or shake shack?

Take your guess in the comment section.