A friend of mine recently sent out a message on Facebook asking for ideas on how to save money. As someone who was in financial trouble before I offered up some of my own tips on how to save money without sacrificing a good meal. Its funny to me how when that topic comes up, people always suggest eating ramen for a month.

True. Ramen is tasty and dirt cheap but do you really think you can stomach all that ramen?

I mean, don’t you think it will get a little boring?

me too.

Which is why, when I was down and out, I purchased a used cookbook featuring healthful recipes that were 5 ingredients or less. The way to make these 5 ingredient recipes work for you is to buy only what you need to make the dish and you will not waste a penny.

One day, while surfing the net, I saw how awesome Jennifer Hudson was looking with her incredible weight loss. I read her amazing journey and also noticed one her of favorite recipes for a turkey feta burger. Inspired, I went to the grocery store to create my own…


1 lb of lean ground turkey

4oz block of reduced fat feta cheese

1 T dried oregano

Salt and Pepper

Potato Hamburger buns

4 Fire Roasted Sweet Red Peppers (jarred)


I combined the ground turkey with feta, oregano, and salt and pepper to taste.


I divided the turkey into 4 equal patties and put them on my George Foreman grill for 6 – 8 minutes.


When they were fully cooked, I placed a patty on the hamburger bun, topped it with the sweet pepper…


And dug in.

It makes a great, cheap and quick dinner to assemble. You can easily roast some veggies or an herbed potato for a great side dish.

So, if you are trying to eat well and save money, leave the Ramen alone and explore all the wonders in simple, tasty, cost efficient recipes! (and bonus when you can freeze some of your meals for later!)