Its been a long while since I have updated you all on Mickey. My sweet and adorable beagle. Mickey is 5 years old and has been with me for almost 3 years. I rescued her from a shelter in Queens (who rescued her on her euthanization day). My life can get a little crazy sometimes but the one constant in my life, is Mickey.

I have grown up with a dog before but never really had a connection. They say when you get a dog, the dog should pick you; and while Mickey didn’t run and jump into my lap, she did look up at me with her big beautiful eyes. Those eyes changed my life.

and now you can get a lil update from her….


Hi. I’m Mickey. I’m a sweet girl that loves attention.

My favorite thing to do is put my head on mommy’s bed for a good scratch- if Im lucky, she pulls me up onto the bed! Oh that bed is comfy! Sleeping is one of the things I do best, that, and throwing myself onto my squeakers to hear them squeak! So fun!

Mom just got this thing that she got all excited about. She tricked me with cheese when she put it on me…

oh how I love cheese.

I really don’t like it….

But I suffer through it. The coat I don’t mind so much but it’s the darn hat. And so many people commented! “Oh, Mickey! I love your hat!” Yeah! well whatever.

OMG! This one time, mommy took me to the park after hurricane Irene. I had just gotten a bath and she decided to let me off the leash to run and feel the wind through my hairs…. I found this AWESOME puddle of mud and laid down in it! it was glorious! It felt so cool and refreshing that I started to eat it! I saw her coming and got a few big bites before she took me away.

And I thought I was in trouble big time, but she just took this picture and everyone laughed.

then I had to have another bath. ugh.

But baths relax me! I love a good nap in mommys chair! I don’t even remember her taking this pic.

Good one.

I am just a loveable pup at heart. My favoritest thing to do is cuddle with mommy. I jump into her lap and sigh sheer relief. I am so happy I’m here.

I hope to one day meet you all, as I love a good scratch behind the ear and a belly rub. It would be awesome.

Till next time!

-Mickey Girl.


That was Mickeys first official post. Shes my fur baby. Call me crazy but those eyes of hers are something else!

BTW, only two people chimed in about the 5 guys burgers. Maybe it wasn’t much of a challenge… because my heart lies with the shack. Smile Shake Shack all the way baby.