I love checking out restaurants in my neighborhood! It makes me feel good about supporting the mom’s and pop’s out there that are living the dream.

I was home on a Saturday afternoon with D and we were feeling lazy hungry. Instead of cooking, like good single ladies living on a budget, we decided to go out.

I scored a gift certificate from Restaurant.com and thought it was a good idea to use it on a local spot that I have had my eye on for a few weeks.


Nick’s Bistro is a Greek-American restaurant in Forest hills/ Kew Gardens area of Queens. If you know where Metropolitan Avenue in Queens is, then getting here is no big deal. If you have no idea, get your bus maps ready Smile.

I decided to call in advance to see if I needed a reservation since the reviews suggest it gets packed during dinner service. They said no. When I arrived there were 3 empty tables and they refused to seat us because they were holding tables for customers on their way. I did not like that- especially since they told me I would be seated when I arrived.

After 20 minutes, D and I were seated at a table that was never claimed. I think they sensed we were about to leave.


As soon as we were seated, we received this platter of warm pita bread and a creamy, garlicky hummus. It made up for the mishap quickly.

Even sweeter was the 40% off gift certificate we had! We noticed a lot of people were using their gift cards which its great but I’m wondering how they make money that way…


Not knowing we were getting the hummus, we ordered the spanikopita to start. Creamy feta cheese and spinach baked into a flaky phyllo dough. It was awesome.

And the servers were fantastic despite the incident with seating when we arrived.

What was NOT awesome was the woman sitting next to us who appeared to be on a first date… she was failing miserably. She gave a play by play of what everyone around her was eating and how bad it was for them. She ordered a regular meal, took 5 bites, threw her napkin over the plate and shamed her date for cleaning his. Poor guy.

Still thinking of the deliciousness that I had at Zenon Taverna, we opted for the Greek comfort foods!


D got the Pastisio. Ground beef. Pasta. bechamel Sauce… and a twist: with marinara sauce.


We kept it really traditional with a side of lemon potatoes that were super lemony but overcooked. Sad smile


I got the Moussaka. Eggplant and pasta layered with a bechamel topping… and surprise- more marinara sauce.

The servings here are MASSIVE. One piece of Moussaka or Pastisio was equal to two. We barely made dents in our dishes and with the heaviness of our previous dishes, we were pretty stuffed.

The meal was great and a wonderful bargain considering its walking distance from the apartment and would satisfy a craving for Greek food without a trip to Astoria. The dishes were not completely authentic as I have never seen marinara sauce in a Greek dish, but I can appreciate the effort.

Would I come back?

Most def.

Do you have any awesome local finds?