On Saturday, I met up with some of my Yelp friends for my very first Oktoberfest. For those that don’t know, Oktoberfest is pretty much the holy day for beer lovers… like Christmas for Children, Quinceneras for hispanic girls… it’s a big deal.

Tickets were $65 for 4 hours of unlimited drinking. 150 purveyors of beer and random snack vendors ensured that I was not leaving sober.

I prepped for the day by baking a massive loaf of thirst inducing soda bread….

I realized the irony much later that I made and IRISH soda bread and brought it to a GERMAN beer festival.

Cute, right?


For being a die hard beer junkie, we were the first in line and scored some HUGE Gingerbread cookie necklaces!


My friend Leslie was really into her role and came dressed up. Suffice to say, I spent a large chunk of the afternoon shooing away drunk perverts.


This guy was selling a product called DIRT. It was delicious. I forgot to buy some. Sad smile


My friend Phil came in his favorite Viking helmet. This is not his first Oktoberfest obviously… and this whole thing was his idea.


We were given souvenir glasses and had access to every single drop of alcohol in the joint. You literally took your glass, rinsed it with the water provided, dumped the water in the spittoon, and picked your beer. They poured, you tasted, you guzzled, and you started all over again.


I was really good in the beginning about taking pics of my drinks but to be honest, after the 4th beer, I started to feel it already (lightweight) and made mental notes…

I remember nothing.


Schnitzel and Things was there to provide some nourishment. mmmm.


My first pork Schnitzel. Def not my last! only $5 too! wepa.


There was even live music. The chicken dance was a favorite.


Me and stacey modeling our pretzel necklaces!


In the backroom, I discovered it wasn’t just beer they were sampling…


So, I had several shots of apple schnapps and goldschlagger… eeek.


More people came dressed up! Look! It’s the guys from Beerfest! Greatest underrated movie I have ever seen.

NETFLIX- if you are reading this- get this on instant stream. please.


ALCOHOL! make it go away! (no, don’t…im not done with it yet)


Me and my Melissa take a cheesy Drunky Photo.


And everyone else is drunk too!


Our drunkeness paid off as My girl Leslie won the title of Ms. Oktoberfest and an easy $100.

The group had so much fun, we have already bookmarked our calendars for the next festival “Bourbon, Beer, and BBQ”. oh Sweet Cheeses.