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My mom treated me to a very early birthday present that was much needed: a massage. It has been 4 years since my last massage. Looking back, before i lived on my own, my rent money went to the spa. I had a massage every other month. A facial just as often. I was one relaxed chica. But with living on a budget, it amazes me how i cringe at a $100 price tag now vs 4 years ago when i lived with my parents. Oh, life.

My massage was lovely. I left feeling totally refreshed. My mom suggested we grab a nosh and since we were in the Chelsea area and i knew of my mothers fondness for bbq, we headed to Hill Country BBQ. DSC02664

If you have never been to Hill Country before, when you walk in depending on how busy it is, they give you some sort of tab sheet. It contains all the items up for grabs. You find a seat and then you get on line. DSC02667

There are meal packages or options by the pound. It was around lunch time, so thankfully, there were lunch specials. Normally, i dont think i would dine here… its a little pricey IMHO.


I ordered a 1/4 chicken and rib lunch special that came with a side dish and 4 slices of bread. I ordered the mac and cheese; which was really Penne and cheese… but it was very good. The cornbread with honey butter was pretty tasty too!


My mother ordered 1/2 lb of ribs that she was going to bring home to my father. She also bought a side of collard greens. DSC02668

The ribs were very meaty and juicy but were so smoky and peppery; we really wished for more BBQ sauce. The sauce they had at the tables was just more smoke. I really wanted something slightly sweet to place on the ribs. The real winner for me was the rotisserie chicken. It was moist and juicy. Packed with flavor too. We considered getting an entire chicken to take home… but at nearly $30 for a roasted chicken, we opted out. We did go back for more penne and cheese and after we ordered a medium nearly fainted at the $15 price tag.


Pretty good food here… would go back if a handsome guy offered to pay. Any takers?