Hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween! Mickey was a Flapper Girl this year but she wasn’t a fan of her get up.

The other day, while deciding what to do with my day (free for the first time in, oh, EVER)I opted to patron a new(ish) restaurant that has been receiving nothing but raving reviews on Yelp.

Wafa’s is a small hole in the wall in the not-so-easy to find part of Forest Hills. Getting there requires knowledge of the busses and or being close enough to walk. I am lucky enough to be able to walk here…


Wafa is the name of the genius behind this family owned restaurant. They crank out Meditteranean and Lebanese dishes in heaping portions that don’t destroy your bank account. Everyone who is everyone in this part of Queens knows Wafa and eats here often.

Im happy to include myself in that category!

Wafa’s is a family oriented business. It gets very busy on Friday and Saturday evenings. Diana, Danielle and I wanted to take full advantage of the restaurant and arrived on a saturday evening at around 6 pm to a semi- busy restaurant. We were seated immediately.

Its BYOB at Wafa’s, so we brought with us a huge bottle of wine. The corking fee is about $3 which is not bad.


We decided to start with the hummus as an appetizer. This creamy dip made from pulverized chick peas, garlic, and tahini hit the spot. We dipped warm slices of pita bread into the luscious dip and probably underestimated how much we were about to devour.


Wanting to get as much tasting out of my experience, I ordered the trio of vegetarian sides for $13. I got to pic 3 dishes. I chose mujadarah which is a grain with lentils that reminded me of rice and beans from home. It was fantastic. I also ordered the babaganoush which was different but amazingly tasty and the fried cauliflower which I still cant get over today!


Danielle ordered the tabouleh which was our least favorite dish. The flavors were aggressive and our tastebuds quit on this complex flavor. She also ordered chicken shawerma and an eggplant dish. Aside from the tabouleh, this dish was a home run!

Diana ordered a lamb gyro which she devoured before I could photograph.

Towards the end of our meal, and end of our bottle, our waiter offered us dessert.


We said no… but they insisted.

They twisted my arm! We ordered their baklavah which came out to us WARM, sweet and FLAKY. It was the first time history that I was having WARM baklavah. It was amazing.


We also ordered the rose water rice pudding. It came with a choice of coconut and cinnamon. We couldn’t decide so they gave us the ying yang of rice puddings. Half coconut and half cinnamon.

Where has this place BEEN all my life?

What an amazing find! I really truly loved my experience here as well as the glutinous bites that I kept eating even way after I was full. For an amazing dining experience that wont break the bank, I highly recommend Wafa’s!