Way back in June, I had the priveledge of attending a tasting at DUO when they first opened for business. The experience was amazing as was the food. You can imagine my delight when i received an invite from the Yelp Elite Squad to attend a preivew tasting of DUO’s new Brunch menu.

This excited me beyond belief as I was thinking while enjoying my delicious dinner there that it would make the perfect venue for an absolutely girly brunch…


Yelpers arrived bright and early on a beautiful Saturday morning. It was a first for us since we are all used to seeing eachother at night time… with drinks. But brunch is a great reason to drink before noon. amiright?


The dining room was gorgeous as always. A small table was set up with danishes, bagels, greek yogurt, fresh fruit and granola. It looked like a pretty standard continental breakfast. I served myself and scored a plush table for me and my friends to sit at.


The drink sponsor was a vodka vendor and provided us all with spicy bloody marys and wasabi foam. A few of us werent really into the bloody marys and we managed to score some orange juice for screw drivers. Hell yeah.


The servers came around with a cracktastic french toast with a cookies and cream dipping sauce. It certainly didnt look like much but it was very very tasty.


There were also some spinach and cheese frittatas with smoky bacon that got mixed reviews. I was a big fan of them. I love frittata.


We also snacked on banana foster oatmeal risotto. It sounded really fancy but the glue-like consistency of the oatmeal wasnt my fave. The flavors were spot on though.


My plus one for the event, was Patty-dukes. We didnt plan on dressing the same… but we did. Great minds think alike, yes?


President of the clean plate club.



There were so many people at this event. I saw a lot of my friends but really couldnt walk around to mingle.

The bar service was awesome. And wouldnt you know it, i bumped into a very sexy lady who was also there for a tasting!