So, what happens when you purchase a ticket to a beauty event 2 weeks prior and on the night before the last night of the event have a fever of 103?

Yeah, that totally happened.

And as I type this, I feel totally disgusting. I wanna say it’s the flu. But I hope its something else, like a sinus infection. Normally, I would never do this, but I felt pretty decent later in the afternoon and threw on whatever was lying around… and went to the city to pick up my goodie bag.

OMG how stupid am I, right?

I didn’t want to let my ticket go to waste, especially since I am not the richest woman in the world, so my game plan was to go, pick up the goodie bag, and leave. While I was waiting to get in, I ran into my friend Danielle and Karen. This was all of our first time hitting the Beauty Night out.


The first place we saw was a Strawberry Crème alcoholic beverage that had a likeness to Tequila Rose but was much less potent. Obviously, being ill and on medications is not an ideal drinking situation, so I let the ladies imbibe while I looked on.


Danielle was super excited! And I needed to document this. I was looking kinda sickly, as Karen so lovingly said “Mo, you look like ass. Go home”. Gotta love girlfriends that keep it real.


I mustered up some strength to give a killer “im not dead” smile. But I promise, I was aching all over and wanting my goodie bag to high tail the hell outta there.


We made it to the goodie bag section when Karen excitedly opened her bag and squealed when she uncovered a blush and lip gloss set. This girl definitely loves her makeup.

Shortly after, we hit the shuttle bus and went home. On my way home, I rumaged through my goodie bag and decided this was definitely worth the trouble… and I will most definitely be back!

Peep my goodies below!

I am off to sleep, again.

Cheers to recovery and good health!