When I was 9 years old, I made a lifelong friend. Niasia was 12 but we hit it off. We lived in the same building and bonded over a game of Marco Polo (one of them water games) at the local swimming pool…

We were inseparable. When she went away to College, she found her way back and it was then that I was her Maid of Honor when she met her husband Noel. I was there when she had her first son, Josia. And when I moved to Kew Gardens, I moved 4 blocks away from her until 2 years ago when she bought a house in New Jersey. It hasn’t been easy but thanks to Facebook, we have managed to stay connected.

Im not gonna lie, a part of me was sour on how we left things in our friendship and I never attempted to mend it. When she contacted me a few months ago to tell me she was expecting her 2nd child, I was genuinely happy for her! And when she invited me to the shower I cleared my schedule.

And made sure to bring cupcakes.


Her colors were mint green, baby blue, and a soft yellow. Basically, every boy baby color there is. I was happy to do it.


I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe for the cupcakes and a classic vanilla white frosting that I dyed with food coloring.


I used my pastry bag and flower tip to make rosettes out of the frosting because it’s the only style I really know how to do. I got lucky when my parents called to say they were in the area and could drive me to the shower! So I packed my cupcakes and baby gift and hit the road. (you have no idea how annoying people are on the subway when you have a carrier of baked goods)


When I arrived, it was as if we never parted. We hugged. I nearly cried because im so damn emo and took in all the love this family shared with me. I felt like a prodigal son returning home.

Even mutual friends who havent seen me in a while asked where I have been, and without missing a step, Niasia’s mom said “You guys are all married, shes single and living it up”. It made me smile and appreciate the scarlet letter “S” I shamefully wear at these kinds  of events… and vow to stop thinking SINGLE is a bad word.


The cupcakes were well received and matched the cake perfectly!


Niasia added little baby pins that looked pretty darn cute… and gave me an idea for the next party I bake for!


The games were great! we took lots of pics!


and as is the Puerto Rican custom, we stuffed our faces! and Danced! Played Games and Took pics!


(friendship circa 1992! Dayum son!)

Congrats to Niasia and Noel on the newest addition to the Family!