As of late, I have been getting some love from Land O’Lakes* and the lovely ladies at Exponent PR- which is cool because the feeling is mutual. If you remember, I recently did a post on the cinnamon sugar butter (that is nearly empty and my heart is breaking over it) and immediately after that, I received this opportunity to review their eggs! 

I know what you are thinking.

I thought the same thing.

Land O’Lakes makes eggs?

They totally do. And, not only did I get some eggs, I got an All-Clad egg pan and a $50 Visa Gift Card (happy early birthday to me)!


Ya know, as much as I enjoy receiving these awesome goodies every now and again, I really am quite fond of eggs. My roommate and I always have at least one dozen in the fridge and consume them often. I tend to enjoy them more over the weekend than I do during the week because while most people like to get up extra early to make breakfast, I LOVE to hit the snooze button. Weekends are awesome for those EGGcellent, any time of day breakfasts.

Any why not? They are very versatile. This past week, I have been suffering from the plague (I exaggerate) and the only thing I could tolerate was soup and for kicks, I poached an egg in the broth, or made egg drop soup with it. It made for a great source of protein and kept me satisfied while I slept between soup breaks.


Peep my Loot!

Upon opening this baby up, I dreamed of one thing: Omelet. with. Cheese.


The pan itself is magnificent. I almost didn’t want to use it.


The bottom of the pan and shiny and smooth while the inside of the pan had a gorgeous non stick surface. I set the pan over a medium flame to get it heated up while I beat[ed] up my eggs.


These eggs were huge. But Im greedy. I made two. I whisk the eggs gently and add a drop off milk and a sprinkle of salt. Its always been something my mother did when I was little and it stuck with me. The milk makes the eggs really fluffy.


I dropped 1/2 Tablespoon of Land O’Lakes buttery spread into the pan, because nothing tastes better than a little butter on some eggs. True Story.


When the butter was melted, I poured in the eggs. Its important to make sure you are working with a hot pan, otherwise the food will stick to the pan.


Immediately, you will notice the sides of the pan changing from a deep yellow to a lighter yellow. Using a spatula, I scooted the cooked egg towards the center while tilting the pan to allow some raw egg to get cooked.


I continued to do this in every possible spot there was runny egg until the egg was cooked.


I sprinkled some cheddar on one side of the omelet and then folded it over.


…to reveal I had my heat on higher than medium. Oops.


Brown side and all, I dug into my cheese omelet and enjoyed. I definitely enjoyed working with the All-Clad Egg pan and am planning on using it in my every day rotation… if by some miracle I don’t hit the snooze button on work day.

And now with the Holiday approaching (My Birthday too), I am making plans for those leftovers! Tradition in my family, we use the leftovers to make breakfast. And I’m not talking about turkey sandwiches, I’m talking mac and cheese with collard greens and ham frittata! Yup, we throw down like that.

So, I would like to know, Are there any recipes on your holiday Table this year that call for Eggs? Leave a comment below with your holiday lineup by 11:59 pm on Thursday, November 17th for a dozen Land O’Lakes Eggs  (a voucher… I can’t ship eggs!). Be sure to be a registered user or leave your email address so I can contact you!

Good Luck!

*Disclaimer: Land O’Lakes provided me with a premium gift package that includes an All-Clad Omelet Skillet, a $50 VISA gift card and a full-value coupon for any variety of Land O Lakes Eggs for review purposes. All opinions are my own