This week, I made two really wonderful and simple dishes. Dishes that were nearly effortless to put together and were freakin’ delicious. One of those dishes, which you will get details about later is a Crispy Tofu in a spicy Thai Peanut Sauce. It was all ready for me to eat when I got home from work. All I had to do was reheat.

But on the way home, I really wanted a cupcake.

A cupcake!

So weird. But being that I already cooked, I wanted to give the dinner a chance. I mean, when it comes down to it, its all about what would be more satisfying. Cupcakes are delicious but I don’t think the would equate to a balanced meal, knowwhatimsayin?


And THEN I come home to THIS! A gift package with a box of lucky charms, a t-shirt and a cereal bowl with a GIANT spoon.

Do you believe in signs??

It reminded me of last week’s episode of Glee where Brittany’s new friend, Rory, the Irish Exchange student (who is playing along as her lucky leprechaun), creates a box of all marshmallows for Brittany in exchange for her “pot o’gold” (is that what they are calling it these days?)


And as I sat there, staring at my loot, I suddenly didn’t think Tofu and peanut sauce was a good idea when there was a perfectly good box of cereal awaiting my consumption. I went to Facebook, like I always do, and my friend Janeen said it best. “your craving is being real disrespectful to the food in the fridge”. Well said Janeen. Im gonna go put my craving in its place.


See that crazy look in his eyes? That’s my cereal face too! Cereal has always been a comfort food to me. I have fond memories growing up watching movies in the dark with my cousin and brother and we would all have a monstrous bowl of cereal up to our faces. Chewing and slurping and our eyes never came off the screen.

Today, I get a cereal craving every now and again.


The tofu will be there tomorrow, right?


So, for now, I am digging in.

Chime in with your favorite cereal! And when do you like to eat it?