As many of you know, I had a birthday last week. The Big 2-8. Amazing, right? look at how much we have grown together!

I was going to write this detailed post about what I ate over thanksgiving, but I think with the break down of recipe posts that will follow it might get a little redundant. Not to mention all the other food bloggers that might be blogging about what they ate over the holiday. 9 times out of 10, we all ate turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. right? (I did deep fry my turkey again this year and while it was a success, the fryer wasn’t sucking up as much electricity as I would have liked to garner a crisped skin, yet juicy bird)

Was I just talking about thanksgiving?

Sorry bout that. I know you all really wanna know the trouble I got into on my birthday, or at least I hope you do…. because at this point you’re gonna find out in 3, 2, 1….


Look at that cute 3 year old. In case you were wondering, Yes, this IS me. Its funny what you remember from your past. Looking at this picture, I remember how my scalp pulsated from my hair being too tight. I remember sitting on a cold armoire in my sailor dress while the photographer made silly faces and sounds for the sake of my baby album…

But I cannot seem to recall ALL of the details from the night of my 28th birthday party celebration. And had it not been for the thoughtfulness of my friends, there would be no evidence of one of the most memorable nights I have had in a long time. 


Upon the suggestion of a fellow Yelper, I decided to have a large lunch at Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Not only because I love this place, but it was a great way to make my friends who are picky eaters come out and try something new. We had quite the feast! And Wilson, the owner, would celebrate his own birthday the following day! It was the best!

This was the highlight of my birthday because it’s the most I can remember! yay!


The night started at Whiskey Tavern a few blocks away with an Irish Car Bomb courtesy of my friend and coworker, Dan. It didn’t take long before there was another beverage in front of me…. a vodka soda.

I should preface this by mentioning that Whiskey Tavern serves their cocktails in PINTS. Smile

And Dan, after my pint of vodka, brought me a shot of patron.


Sick yet?

We sang Happy Birthday where I blew out the big candle.


And then I doubted my drinking capabilities as I was handed a Whiskey on the rocks and a deliciously deceptive Downtown Tea (which I happily continued to consumed after I cried from the whiskey)


And then the alcohol started to take affect. Ladies and Gentleman, I present: The Debauchery!

In the photo above, which was lovingly taken by my friend Phil, its described as “Mo was polluted”

And looking back, he was right.


I also got birthday wet willies apparently! I don’t know, I chose not to look. My eyes are shut so tight you can no longer see my makeup.

And these are my supposed wingmen!


But then I sought solace from the white G-Unit. I was so gone that I didn’t realize more than half of my posse left to pick up a panda cupcake for me…


I showed appreciation by eating his face!

To date, this was one the most fun filled birthdays! Great friends! Great drinks! And even though its kinda hard to remember ALL the details (especially during the last segment of the night where I handed out business cards to a cute bunch of young 20 something men with names like Kendrick and Tom…or other names I forget because I was wasted… ) I don’t regret a single detail about the night!

And before I leave you with the drunken image of me for the next several hours…


I leave you with this sober and classy image of the girl you know and love. This is the real me… I just party as hard as I live.


Me (1 yr older)