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How good does THAT look??

One of my mother’s favorite things for dessert is a sour cherry pie. Last year, when I offered to make dessert for Thanksgiving, she requested a sour cherry pie only for me to discover that sour cherries are only available for a very short time during the summer. When I tried to acquire frozen sour cherries, the prices were through the roof and in the end we settled for the convenient stuff.

I made a promise to her that I was going to make a fresh sour cherry pie. She didn’t understand my determination…


This post has been in the works since… JULY. When I saw the bright red beauties at the farmers market, I called my mother and told her the sour cherries were in season. She had no idea what I was talking about. I cant remember what i had for breakfast but i can remember to pick up sour cherries several months after Thanksgiving.

She was hesitant. She didnt think it would matter. She didnt even know what she was cooking for thanksgiving. But one thing I knew was my mother couldn’t resist and amazing cherry pie.


I bought 5 lbs of fresh cherries. If you are wondering what these babies taste like, i will tell you- dont let their gorgeous color fool you. these babies will make you pucker! They are SOUR! (hence the name…)


The dude had given me a cherry pitter to make my preparation simpler. But i must say, these are a giant pain in the ass to pit. 5lbs of cherries took about an hour.


I rinsed the cherries and split them into 2.5 lbs each and froze them. Mama didnt raise no fool. One sour cherry pie calls for 2.5 lbs of cherries so there will be another sour cherry pie in my immediate future.

Fast forward several months and It was time to make the Sour cherry pie for Thanksgiving. As you know, when it comes to desserts, there is only one source i trust: Deb. Her sour cherry pie is not only picturesque its delicious.

My mom is Pro- Pie Crust all the way. It is sometimes annoying when i make a pie and bring it to her only to discover that she has eaten only the topping and discarded the rest… so now i fix her with a lattice pie top…that way she can get all the buttery flaky bits she wants just on her slice.


Again, i sought the expert in pie dough: Deb. I followed her EXACT measurements and  directions.

I worked almost frozen butter into some flour until it resembled cool sand. I added the necessary ingredients and got my hands sticky in the most exciting of ways!


Her sour cherry pie recipe only called for half of the dough but because I was not making the almond crumble, I used all the dough.


Here are the sour cherries, defrosting after their months of hibernation.


Because I was trying to save myself some time with all the preparation, I decided to make these cherries on the stove top. I combined the cherries with sugar and cornstarch and simmered them on the stove for 30 minutes.


The cherries plumped up nicely and the liquid turned into a gorgeous ruby red syrup. This not only saved me some time but it also allowed me to taste the cherries to see if i liked them once they were cooked.

I did not like them.

i LOVED them.


For the pie dough, I rolled out a very cold half of pie dough and placed it in a lightly sprayed (with cooking spray) pie dish.


I suck at making a pretty pie crust so i just trimmed it.


I blind baked it for 30 minutes. When it was done, i added the cooked cherries and then i rolled out the other half of dough for the lattice top.


Its a lot simpler than it looks. I sliced thin strips of pie dough and laid them over and weaved alternate strips through.


Its so beautiful. And because my pie dough crimping SUCKS, the intricate design takes away from my subpar skills. I brushed the top of the pie with some beaten egg yolks and baked.


The end result was a golden brown flaky pie with a delightfully tart cherry filling.


Its best when served at room temperature. And let me tell you, the family that wanted to just throw a can of cherry pie filling into some pie dough were not only eating that fresh made pie but also their words. There is a difference and you can taste it.

We got a little fancy and put some whipped cream on top.


 I would like to say we had some leftovers but no, that pie was GONE. I felt bad for the other desserts on the table for they werent getting as much love as this cherry pie!

Check out Smitten’s method! Also, set your calendars for July to pick you some sour cherries to make Turkey day 2012 a tasty success. 🙂