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So last week, my friend Phil thought it would be a fantastic Idea to reserve the balcony of a swanky latin restaurant on the upper East Side of Manhattan for a boozy brunch with 19 of his closest friends… who all happen to be Yelp members.

For $30 each, we got bottomless sangria and 3 courses of delectable spanish cuisine.

Don Pedro’s is easily missible as it sits on the corner of East 96th street and 2nd ave with its gorgeous exterior being blocked by the 2nd avenue subway construction fiasco. Phil is all about supporting the local fare and wanted us to venture out to see what all the fuss was about…

because, there was a big delicious fuss.


When i think of Don Pedro’s, I think of Dominican comfort food gussied up a bit. I ordered a cappuccino because how can you have brunch without a bit of caffeine to prepare your body for the gallon of sangria?? And a few ladies ordered tea that came in fancy brewers! wish i loved tea- that shit was cool.

We also got tasty coconut snacks to dunk in our hot bevvys. My cappuccino was perfect… you know what else was perfect?


[insert hallelujah chorus] For having 20 people on the balcony of this restaurant, our server was a badass. He was running up and down the stairs refilling our glasses every time we took a sip. I was alternating between sangria and water… but never once had to ask for more. I even recall waving my napkin after 3 hrs of non stop refills…


For my starter, i got the chicken empanadas. They were small but packed with spicy chicken! They plated with a delicious peper aioli and some achiote oil. Heavenly.


Mel, our resident vegetarian inspects her veggie salad.


Lara got the ropa vieja and let me have a taste. It was by far the most succulent ropa vieja I have ever tasted. The meat was soft and flavorful and i totally regretted not ordering it myself. My ecperience with Ropa Vieja is DRY shredded beef… this will change your life!


Phil got the fried pork with sweet plantains… there goes that achiote oil again!


I ended up, as well as several others, with the tres golpes. The Mac Daddy of comfort food in the form of fried white cheese, fried salami, pickled onions, a fried egg on top of a bed of hearty yet delicious mangu. So filling! That mangu was worth the trek alone as it was well seasoned and had great texture despite it being a dish of plantain mush.


For dessert, we all kind of split. There was flan and tres leches. The flan was good… but im really really really picky about my flan. It came with an amazing mango and berry sauce… i liked the sauce more.


My tres leches cake rocked my socks off! I also got the lovely drizzle of mango and berries. There might be a photo of me on the web somewhere, licking this dish clean…

As we feasted and drank, the owner asked us to fill out some comment cards.


And after a million sangrias, i do silly things!

Did i mention i was single?


But if you’re in the mood for a great deal, the unlimited sangria deal is actually $20 when you are in a smaller party and I highly recommend it. Also, its nice to support our local entrepreneurs!