So a few months ago I, along with some other divas, set out on an awesome day tour called “take me to the vino”. I loved it. I wrote about it. and I said I was going to do it again.

In my mind, there was no greater time to go on a drinking tour than the anniversary of my birth.


Hey hey now.

I grabbed 7 of my favorite people and we armed ourselves with bagels, brownies, cheese, gourmet olives, fancy chocolate and my homemade french macarons and and set out on a journey of the grape.

We had to get up at 7am on a saturday, but the day was well worth the adventure.

Normally, the trip costs about $135 but i scored a deal on goldstar.com that landed me a spot for $81.


The wineries not only gave us glugs of tasty wine, but they fed us too! The first spot, Warwick, provided us with a crisp and coal oven fired margherita pizza, a waldorf salad and a house made cider doughnut.

Oh baby.


We all dug in with a bottle of Pinot Noir we bought at the first vineyard.

It was a bit crowded but we managed!

Here’s that tasty pinot noir!

Here is our group, minus 3 people. We were getting nice and drunk… sort of.

At the next winery we got a little silly… but how could we not? we had the most amazing views!

Me and Julia!

The party planner thought, since it was my “birthday” that we should take advantage of the props around… and i love this big glass! I wanna put mickey in it!

And since i didnt know what else to do with it, i rode it like a cowgirl.

Even my parents got in on the fun! ayo!

Here we are ! minus my dad! But we had a great time with that glass.

we did a little karaoke on the bus where i sang Like a Virgin… and then we took all of our uneaten snacks and gorged at the last tasting while everyone looked on with hungry eyes.

we evil that way.

But it was even more fun the 2nd time around.

Im planning one for the spring. whos coming?