Have you had enough chocolate yet?

I hope not because this post is full of rich and decadent goodness… and another sweet giveaway.

A few weeks ago (i’m late, i know!) Green & Black Organic Chocolate invited me to a wine and chocolate party. I mean, you know i love wine, so how could i say no? It was hosted at the Penthouse at Royalton Hotel and it was before the frost in the city began to set… Frankly, it was quite humid!


I arrived at the event, after the hotel lobby attendant assumed I was their new “Coat Check Girl”, and to hide their embarassment, they escorted me to the penthouse in awkward silence.

Once I arrived, i was greeted by the lovely ladies from Citizen Relations as well as the ladies from Green & Black.


There was a wild assortment of kryptonite dried meats, cheeses and fruits.


As well as a chocolate sampling bar. Hello. I have died and gone to heaven. When i settled in a bit more, i was offered wine.

“White, please.” (which i would continue to say 4 more times that evening)


Lovely appetizers like figs wrapped in proscuitto were handed to me. Wanting the wine in my belly to have company, i wasted no time in tasting all of the wonderful things that came my way.


Hello lover. A grilled cheese and tomato soup. The ultimate comfort! It was extremely tasty but the tomato soup was bit too thick.


While mingling, i was asked to take the chocolate personality test that would determine the perfect chocolate flight based on my answers. They were very interesting to say the least:

WHITE: We found that people who like White Chocolate tend to be a little shy. Of course, we also found an opinionated voice underneath that timid tongue. So, speak up for what you want. You’ll find its smooth, creamy cocoa to be remarkably outgoing. For all those purists who say white isn’t “real” chocolate, you know they’re missing out.

ALMOND: You’re good looking. In a slightly exotic but fabulously familiar kind of way. But you know you’re hot. You hear it all the time. Construction workers whistle at you. Which might be weird if you’re a guy. Plus, isn’t that something from the movies or TV commercials? Either way, you put in the effort, so it’s nice to be noticed.

TOFFEE: You’re not against trying new things; you just appreciate the classics: an old pair of socks, your college sweatshirt… and of course, chocolate. Or better yet, crunchy toffee pieces punching their way through cocoa-rich milk chocolate, an oldie but a deliciously reimagined goodie.


I was a little surprised when i was pegged a white chocolate girl but the ladies all agreed that the white chocolate from Green and Black’s was like no other white chocolate you have ever tried before.


A brief segment was spent on what I like to call the Tiramisu Quick Fire Challenge. All of the invitees were seated at a table with these ingredients and asked to prepare a tiramisu.


I am here with the likes of all these amazing bloggers and have to assemble a tiramisu?


I sure did… i did a lousy job in comparison to others!


Anyone order a mortar and pestle with marscapone inside?

My tiramisu was, as i called it, DINER CHIC. Nothing to write home about either in terms of flavor.


Maybe if i consumed less of these, i would have made a better tiramisu??


To conclude the evening, the ladies brought out strawberries dipped in their white chocolate.

I will take this opportunity to disclose that I do not like white chocolate. I loathe it. Its too sweet. Its very thick. Its just not my style. Its…


the most amazing thing I have ever tasted on a strawberry. That’s right. I have found a white chocolate worthy of tears. And I loved it so much I decided then and there that I was going to make a white chocolate cookie this holiday season (it was a success too). The element that makes this chocolate so damn delicious is the use of madagascar vanilla and the lack of SWEETNESS that usually sends white chocolate into over drive.

On my way out, i was given a lovely bag of swag.


a chocolate cookbook


Some hot cocoa

and some chocolate bars


a cheese slate


and finally, a chocolate sampler.

Doesn’t that sampler look amazing?

Don’t you think this sampler would make an amazing gift to a loved one?

Or come in handy on a day where you just need a bite or two of something amazing?

I know.

Thats why the lovely people at Green and Blacks are giving me a sampler for you to win!

Here’s how to enter:

– leave  a comment. Tell me anything.

– follow @iarethefoodsnob on twitter

– tweet the giveaway and link back …2 bonus Entries! “@iarethefoodsnob is giving away @greenblacksus chocolate sampler! Enter here http://wp.me/p1OGpY-1Vm !  

– Like my facebook page

– Leave me a message on my wall…2 bonus entries!

Get all the chances you can to win in before 11:59pm on Tuesday, December 20th.

Good luck everybody!!!