Through the wonders of Yelp, I have acquired a wealth of amazing friends. And at Yelp events, we consume lots and lots of alcohol which brings us closer together. One of my most recent loves, is a man after my own heart. A man that loves the kitchen. A man that enjoys hosting dinner parties. And a totally adorable [and straight] man.

A man named Evan.

Evan invited myself along with 14 other people to his beautiful apartment in Astoria where he and my Yelp mistress Thao prepared a Jewish feast fit for a food snob.


When I arrived, the apartment smelled amazing! So many wonderful aromas coming out of the kitchen! and So many wonderful toys I wanted to play with! We started with some Haroset and matzoh. This apple and nut dish is cold but filled with amazing spices. In my mind, it was almost a raw apple pie filling… and then on the matzoh. oh baby.


It was followed by kishka varnishkes which, to my understanding is a sausage of sorts. I thought these were addicting! It reminded me of Kielbasa.


Here is the brilliant chef.

I will disclose I have asked Evan to marry me on several occasions.

He always says yes.

[No One Says No to Mo]


Our first official course was some homemade Matzoh Ball Soup. It was so good, especially since the cool air is coming around!

Good and filling!


Some refreshing carrot salad.


The star of the show was the brisket that fell apart at the slightest touch. It cooked in a slow cooker for 8 lovely hours and was worth every minute!


We also had some noodle kugel which reminded me of the carribean dish Macaroni pie.

It was quite a heavy feast! I had to take a break to digest in order to make room for dessert. We played Beatles Rock Band edition for a while…and indulged on dessert


Thao’s seven layer bars.


and something else that was like biscotti.

All in all it was incredibly delicious. I mostly enjoyed the company and the food, as good as it was, was just a bonus.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Hanukkah!

or חנוכה שמח

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