Hey guys,
Taking a break from our regularly scheduled program to share a story that is tugging on my heart strings. Last month, i wrote about a baby shower of an old friend and how amazing it was to reconnect with her and her family.

Well since then, she has given birth to a beautiful baby boy named Noah and instead of celebrating the new life that has been added to her family, she has the added struggle of dealing with a challenge.

Josia, feeding his baby brother.

Her first born, Josia, is a child after my own heart. He’s extremly bright, loving and hilarious. He is but 6 years old and has a tumor on his brain stem known as Pontine Glioma. It’s inoperable and is currently being treated via radiation and chemotherapy.

The child who once loved to eat has trouble keeping his food down and even having an appetite at all. It’s incredibly gut wrenching to think that someone so young has to endure so much.

His parents are doing everything they can to help him. They have done extensive research to find there is hope… but this hope comes with a hefty price. So, they are seeking means to help make a life for their son.

A life without pain.

A life without illness.

A life for Josia.

Josia’s parents have started a blog: A life for Josia. It documents Josia’s progress but also serves as a place to make donations via paypal or raffles. While most of us have our own financial demands, imagine the financial burden of a treatment costing well over $30,000 for your child in addition to having a new baby?

My heart goes out to my dearest friends and their children. But I wanted to let you all know that a child with a heart bigger than most of the children his own age has apsirations of being a Chef and catering to homeless people. I want to see him pursue this dream! This amazing child that loves Chopped… one of my personal favorite shows deserves a chance.

So, if you can find it in your heart to give, or even spread the word please do so. If you would like to make a contrubition to Josia’s treatment, please the DONATE NOW button on Josia’s blog.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday,