Hoping you all had a lovely Christmas! I spent my Christmas with my parents getting cabin fever. I don’t know if it was the lack of anticipation for the big day or the lack of children, but this year really didn’t feel like Christmas. The weather is mild, there is no snow on the ground, and there was nothing on my “want” list. All I could ask for, I already have So, I am blessed.

I have some really awesome posts coming up, especially since I took a few days off from blogging. I wanted to thank those that took the time to visit Josia’s blog and a HUGE thanks to those that contributed! Please check their website often to see how Josia is doing!


Last week, Patty invited me out to Hoboken for Brunch. I normally like to sleep in on the weekends but Patty said great things about the location and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. So, bright and early we went to La Isla.


Open since 1995, La Isla has been a force to be reckoned with. Its humble and “cozy” (AKA small) restaurant draws crowds from the neighborhood and from all over with its authentic Cuban cuisine. The Chef is classically trained with a penchant for amazing desserts; they have many mentions on foodzines as well as tv shows.

The line was out the door for our party of 8. And with a quick look inside, I could tell we wouldn’t be sitting together. DSC03349

There are tables of four lined against the wall of the restaurant and a small counter with stools. We waited for about 20 minutes before we were seated and luckily, we were separated into two tables right next to each other.

The brunch menu was two sides long which made me happy since I have a hard time making decisions. The group was talking about the Chef’s award winning french toast which kicked bobby Flay’s butt on Throwdown. The over stuffed french toast was the first thing we agreed on…


But it’s a MUST to order a café con leche when dining in a spanish establishment. Strong coffee brewed and topped off with steamy foamy milk. Where Im from, the coffee somes super sweet but I was able to add my own sugar. Wepa.


We spied some empanadas flying out of the kitchen and even though they werent on the menu, we ordered some. DSC03351

Two Chicken and two beef. The empanadas, at $3.50 a piece, were HUGE. They were packed with meat. The chicken was a little dry but the beef was flavorful and tasty!


Our order of french toast came. Four people split this. Two thick slices of bread dredged in eggs and then rolled in crushed corn flakes before being griddled and finished off with a cream cheese  center, a guava drizzle, and some powdered sugar. This was quite the dish! I will say while it was incredibly delicious, it was far too rich for one to consume alone and for breakfast. This, for me, would make a great dessert!


The men ordered a cubano to share. Crispy bread stuffed with ham, cheese, pernil, pickles and pressed to a thin crispy sandwich.


Patty and I shared something similar, only it was pressed between two thin and crispy slices of sweet bread. The Media Noche.


So good!

We were seated, ordered, fed, and kicked out at lightning speed. Not literally. We managed to stay for about 40 minutes. The staff here are friendly and super fast! I was glad I came for this humble and authentic Cuban cuisine that equally delicious as it was cost efficient.

Across the street from this wonderful goodie is none other than Carlo’s Bakery… but we all know I walked past Carlo’s and went straight to Crumbs instead.

I would definitely come back to La Isla! Especially for that Media Noche!