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This post is a bit late. Sometimes, I have such an abundance of things to share with you that I end up prioritizing things and pushing things that can wait kinda far back… This is from 3 weeks ago.

You see, Patty had wanted to take me out for my birthday. But when I was free, she wasn’t and when she was free, I wasn’t. It was a vicious cycle that went on for weeks until we picked a day of the week to make it happen. She told me about some AMAZING cheesy garlic bread. and that was pretty much all I needed to know.

if you don’t know me, you should know this:

1. I have a weakness for cheese

2. I cannot resist freshly baked bread.

Combine the two and im likely to never eat anything but fresh bread and melty cheese for the rest of my life. okay, maybe not that long… but pretty freakin long!


The place? Arthurs Tavern in Hoboken (I’m so glad Patty has a car!). I was here years before when I was a youngen but never ordered anything but chicken fingers and a soda… I was definitely not into food the way I am now…

Now that Im older, coming back to Arthur’s, the place was a little dark and depressing but its iconic in Hoboken for steaks. If you read up on them, all you will hear about is their steak… so naturally that’s what I was going to order.


I started with a soda. The waiter (who was kinda pissed to be at work that day) asked if I wanted a regular or large. I said regular. Glad I did because those LARGE mugs were about 30 oz! GADZUKES!


Then, the dream. The thing I came all this way for. The mother of all cheesy garlic breads. It was everything I wanted and more. A flaky and warm exterior with a cheesy coating and buttery, garlicky, fluffy innards. Our table put away 5 loaves. That’s roughly 1 loaf per two people… Don’t judge me.


I ordered their signature steak. A massive rib eye. The description says well marbled… but I think it was a little too marbled. I love Rib Eye! It’s a juicy cut of steak but I think the folks at Arthurs are cutting corners and using huge slabs of fatty meat and serving them in dark restaurants to fool patrons. I thought the steak was good but I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat it again…

But what I would go out of my way for were the ribs that Patty ordered and I neglected to photograph. You can see them behind the mac and cheese below. But the rack of ribs were tender and fell right of the bone. The meat was flavorful and delicious!

Patty and I agreed to split the mac and cheese…


But were both disappointed at the bland pile of overcooked pasta and cheese.

There were some hits and misses at Arthur’s. The cheesy garlic bread is a definite win! as is the rack of ribs! I wont say the steak is bad because I did enjoy it but I wouldn’t pay nearly $30 for grissle. And I think the real sting here was the shitty waiter. I am forgiving of certain things but I draw the line at bad service. Food is love. Not hate. Take your cranky ass home if you don’t want to be nice!

I love the history behind Arthur’s and how loyal the locals are to this iconic tavern. But, the times, they are a changin’. Arthurs needs an interior makeover (Robert Irvine, can you assist?) C’mon, the once $13 steak is now $30. Certainly they can afford brighter lights and modern décor?


Special thanks to Patty for the best cheesy garlic bread I have ever had! 


(Don’t tell my grandma!)