I know what you’re thinking.

NAILS?? but This is a FOOD Blog!

Yeah, I know. But recently, I received a box of products to review from Influenster, also known as a VoxBox.


Inside this lovely parcel was some coconut body scrub, mentos, Press on Manicure, a lip gloss, larabar and an in home spa treatment for the face.


All this wonderful new loot! But the thing that I was most eager to try were the press on Manicure nails!

imPress, by Broadway Nails comes in a cute faux nail polish bottle. Inside are various sizes of nails and directions for application.

Now, I am willing to admit that as a fan of nails, I was skeptical about this product. It claims to last for a while and all I could think of were the times I superglued fake nails to my finger tips and how they would pop off in no time at all (I was in Junior High). And I cant even enjoy having a fancy, long lasting acrylic manicure because I have a severe allergic reaction to acrylic.

So, naturally, I thought- why not.


I started by sizing up the nails to my finger tips.


I prepped my nails with the cloth included.


I peeled and applied, pinky nail first.


I was done in 5 minutes. The results were stunning. They have a tiny bit of length that are very manageable and the nails themselves stick on really well!


Because I am constantly working in the kitchen, I was skeptic, I admit. But after 4 days, the nails were going strong as were the compliments. I was doing all normal activities. Washing dishes. Chopping vegetables. Doing my hair. And the nails stood.

Around the fifth day I was making some meatballs and I forgot the nails were on…


yep. Not smart! So, they had to come off ASAP…

The good news is that the nails peel off. It says on the package that they come of easily. A very thin layer of my nail enamel came off with it, but it was relatively painless.

Would I buy these?

Yes. They are great if you are short on time and are going to a wedding and need a manicure. You can apply these nails while you’re on the train… granted you might get some weird stares… but you can! It’s the ultimate manicure for girls on the run!