I had the awesome idea of teaming up with a fellow friend and yelper to create an Unofficial Yelp Event, much like my first event, but highlighting the borough that gets overlooked by most: Queens.

I will admit, I was one of them. As a die hard Brooklynite, my residing in Queens has nothing to do with betraying Brooklyn and everything to do with the cost of living. When I moved here, I took much pleasure in the cute mom and pop restaurants and all the lovely little gems. But in this economy, those little gems that lie in those underlooked neighborhoods, need to be shared with others! Supporting our local businesses will keep them thriving and our bellies full!


With the winter season far from kicking in, I set up a meeting point with the group. We decided to meet at 5 Burros in Forest Hills. For myself and Mike, the co planner, this was not our first trip. But for the others, it was a first.


Because we had a full day of tasting ahead of us, we decided to buddy up and split plates. And how can you go to 5 burros without getting a margarita? We got baby margaritas.


Julia, in the brunchy mood got the huevos rancheros. She enjoyed it! or she just likes to clean her plates when she goes out.


My friend Andrew really liked the tortillas.


Kristy and I split the soft tacos. 1 steak taco and 1 lobster taco with rice, beans, sour cream, and pico de gallo.

while we were finishing up, I was really dreading the rest of the day as we had another 4 stops to go! But I pressed on!

The next stop of the crawl was Wafa’s! An amazing little Mediterranean/ Lebanese place that has a homey feeling and delicious food. The goal at wafa’s was for our small group to order several side dishes and split them all!


We started with some okra. It was my first time having okra but like everything at wafa’s the food is flavorful! and even though I was reaching capacity quickly in my belly, I pressed on.


We ordered some garlicky hummus. Creamy. Addicting. Delicious. Hummus. DSC03103

Upon the recommendation of one of our new friends, we ordered the meat pie. OMG was this GOOD.


The fried cauliflower is my personal crack! I have made Mediterranean cauliflower before and everything about it is just delicious!


AND then when I couldn’t think I could love anything more than cauliflower, Wafa herself came out with a bowl of mujadarah. A bowl of Mediterranean grain with lentils and caramelized onions. Its like a play on rice and beans. Oh la la.

Are you full yet?

There’s more. We decided to walk about 5 long blocks from Wafa’s to Eddie’s Sweet Shop were the momentum from the crawl really picked up. DSC03106

Our group tripled in size as we took over the iconic ice cream shop in Kew Gardens.


I even got to meet some new yelpers at this stop! Hi Brian Huff!


The majority of our group ordered egg creams. I hear they are delicious. I stuck to my  old reliable! my one scoop sundae for the win.

The highlight of the day was when the Queens Community Manager came to Eddies to have dessert with us and gave Me and Mike a bag of yelp swag as a thank you for bringing people out to support the local businesses.

It was awesome.

The group pretty much split here when all that remained were me, Mike, and Tina. The three of us Hoofed it all the way to my block where we ended the night tasting peruvian chicken and tostones.

Then I went home to put on stretchy pants and pass out. Overall, it was a great day! We had people come out from different parts of the city to our quiet neighborhood in Queens.


We had such an amazing time and now that im thining about it, I could really go for a Sundae right about now… if only it weren’t 12 degrees!