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These days, spending my time in Queens has been rare. I have been schlepping back and forth to Brooklyn with my doggy in tow to spend time with my family. It hasn’t been easy but despite missing my bed so much, i feel so blessed to be able to spend this time with my family.

We dont live forever, you know?

But the other day I did manage to sleep in and spend a good chunk of my day at home and what I wanted so badly was to cook something. And not something elaborate or fancy. I wanted some good old fashioned comfort.

When I think about what I am in the mood for its usually creamy polenta and homemade meatballs.

You might recognize the name, its because I have made it before. I actually make this when I am in need of comfort food. It’s funny because when people ask me what my favorite food is, i tell them i dont really have one… but I think i have been lying.

My favorite food is creamy polenta with meatballs.


I like making my polenta in the slow cooker. Plus, I like getting “miles” out of this baby! It only cost me $10 when i first moved into my apartment. Its my special baby.

My polenta is probably not the healthiest as it has butter AND cream cheese in it… but one thing you can be sure of- its FREAKIN Delicious.


While my polenta is cooking away, I get started on my meatballs. I used a lb of ground turkey and in it i added an entire chopped onion (a small one), garlic powder (because i hate chopping garlic), an egg, salt, pepper, italian seasoning, parmesan cheese and oats (becuase I was out of breadcrumbs).


I made meatballs the size of golf balls and placed them in my cast iron skillet to bake at 425* for 25 – 30 minutes.


They were so pretty!

I had to wait another hour before the polenta was finished (longest hour of my LIFE) and served up a heaping spoon of polenta with two hearty meatballs and a spoonful of my favorite marinara sauce (please dont tell my grandmother i are jarred sauce!), sprinkled it with parmesan cheese and went to town on it!


This is my bowl of heaven. My comfort. When I cant be home every day, this really livens my spirit!

Whats your go-to comfort?