Hi all!

Sorry I have been MIA. Lots of germs in the air and lots of them found their way to me. Poop. That’s how I feel. So there has been lots of soup and tea. And lets be honest… that can get boring REALLY FAST.

So, while catching up on my Google Reader, another one of Gina’s recipes caught my eye.

Spaghetti and Meatball Soup!

Comfort food! in SOUP!



How can you NOT want some of that? It was all that I wanted. Noodles. meatballs. hot broth with a kick.

And best of all is that Gina made it waistline friendly. Who doesn’t love an indulgence that doesn’t make you feel guilty.


For the exact recipe, please visit Gina’s site since I did nothing to change this fabulous recipe.


I made some meatballs. Probably a little bigger than Gina’s but when Im sick, I don’t really care. I just go with it.


I added the raw meatballs to a simmering pot of chicken broth, tomato soup, and red pepper flakes. I let the meatballs cook for a bit and then added broken up pieces of raw spaghetti. 


And behold! yummy stuff!

This soup is great and freezes well. I do recommend if anyone attempts this to store the cooked pasta separately as it becomes too soft when kept in the broth.

Or just eat it all in one shot.