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It all started when I was catching up on my Google reader and noticed there was a guest blogger posting. It wasn’t just an ordinary blog post.


This post featured a photo that made my heart stop.

A stack of chocolate pancakes with melty chocolate syrup being poured on top of them. The kicker?


Freaking VEGAN!

My thoughts? How can anything this GORGEOUS be vegan? How can anything VEGAN sound so damn delicious?

Simply put. Because Chocolate Covered Katie says so.

That image alone sucked me into chocolate covered katie’s world of decadent desserts that were 100% vegan.

And just as I was about to put myself out of my misery, I saw it. The Cinnamon swirl pie. Everything about the pie was inviting. The cinnamonny color, the texture it promised in the photo, the swirls… it was all there.

But I sat and thought about the dessert for two weeks. TWO. LONG. WEEKS. Because could I really pull this off? Could I really make a vegan dessert?

I mean, yes I could… but would it be as delicious as it looked?

Im not judging my vegan friends- no! I admire you guys. For your creativity and passion. I was just really afraid of hating this… but one fateful Sunday evening, I pulled out my ingredients from katie’s blog and did it.


Not what I normally expect when baking…. applesauce, oats, chick peas



Mind. Blown.

All I needed to make this dessert was pulverized chick peas.


Okay, Katie. You’re the expert. So I let my food processor do its thing. And gave it a whiff. Did not love the smell. So, I added more cinnamon. and a dash more sugar. It still smelled a little like a sweet hummus but after a taste of the “dough” it wasn’t bad at all.


I liked the consistency. Like Oatmeal cookie dough batter.


I put it in a pie dish and baked.


The end resulted in what looked like a typical dessert! WePA!

I let the dessert cool for quite a bit before digging in. When roomie came home, I made her try a piece.


Holy. Balls.

guys, all jokes aside, this was EFFING AMAZING! With some homemade icing on top, this baby rocked my socks off. All the cinnamon sugar flavor in a dessert that was textured like that of a rich fudgy brownie.

yes, it was that good.

I sliced up my pie and gave it out to friends for breakfast. This baby is PACKED with protein and fiber. For 8 honkin slices, this baby packs in about 350 calories per slice but will keep you satisfied for hours!

So, will I become vegan? Not quite.

But will I make this again?

Ask the 4 cans of chick peas that I just bought. ::wink::