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For those living in the New York City area, its Restaurant Week in NYC. I have been a long time fan of Restaurant Week as it gives me the opportunity to dine at places I normally would never splurge on #brokegirlproblems. And in recent years, Restaurant Week has gotten so popular that it has been extended! So, if you are looking to Treat Yo’Self between now and February 10th, check out the list of participating restaurants here, make a reservation, and have a good time!

When the list of participating restaurants opened up, I had a good time getting excited over all the wonderful places available! And Patty got excited about a place we have been to for a Yelp Event. DUO. Having been there for a Press Tasting of their Dinner Menu as well as a sneak peek at their brunch menu, I was curious to check out DUO as a paying customer. So, Patty and I made a reservation for 5:30 pm.

The restaurant itself is lovely to look at. Its every girly girls place to be. With jet black and velvetty gray decor with splashes of hot pink from the bar, this posh establishment, for me, is a great combination of sexy and elegance to make my dinner feel like a real treat.

With the restaurant still in its first year of business, they are still not packing the house. When Patty and I arrived, there was literally no one else there. I chalked it up to the fact that we were there at the very start of dinner service.


Being the only two diners didnt sway me one bit. The service was ultra attentive! I felt quite pampered.

They started us with two warm rolls after they seated us and checked our coats. Our purses were immediately swopped from ther current spot on the floor and placed on cute little stools beside us.

We were given the Restaurant Week Pre Fixe Menu as well as the regular Light Up menu in case we wanted extras. I was tempted to order a side of truffle mashed potatoes but thought the Pre Fixe menu would suffice.


We each ordered an entree. Patty is kinda sorta a picky eater and daringly ordered the homemade mushroom ravioli. She tried it. Didnt love it. But certainly was impressed that she was eating a mushroom and didnt want to hurl! So, thats sort of a success! The plate came with two mushroom ravioli. She ate one and let me have the other.

Score! It was really good! Also had a hint of black truffle.


I ordered the seafood Ceviche. I normally am not a huge fan of ceviche but i figured since Patty was ordering the ravioli, I should order something else. The ceviche was very fresh tasting with bursts of citrus and lots of tasty seafood. It was garnished with micro greens as well as chives and guacamole. My favorite was the shrimp. The calamari and scallops left a little something to be desired… but I think thats because ceviche is not really my thing.


Patty ordered the filet Mignon. A hearty 10 oz slab of juicy meat topped with crispy onions and a blue cheese stuffed mushroom cap. She really loved it!


I was torn between the osso bucco and the salmon and opted for the salmon. I was really craving a tender filet of salmon. The salmon was cooked perfectly on a bed of sticky purple rice topped with stir fried baby bok choy and carrots.

I tore this plate up! It was delicious! and so Filling!


Because we were both so full from our entrees, we asked to take our dessert to go. Patty got a chocolate mousse cake.


And I, a chocolate raspberry mousse cake.

Overall, everything was a homerun except for the dessert. For me, it was way too rich but then again, i am more of a savory girl than a sweet one. So, if you love you some rich chocolatey dessert- this will not dissapoint!

The Pre Fixe menus for Restaurant Week offer fixed prices. $24.07 for lunch and $35 for dinner. After tax and tip, my grand total for dinner came to $50  a piece. Its still a little steep but compared to the regular menu, its really quite a steal.

So, go make a reservation and Treat Yo’ Self!